Monday, September 28, 2020

Please email JFK biographer Fredrik Logevall the best material you have on the JFK assassination!

 Please email JFK historian Fredrik Logevall information, books to read, and good web links on the JFK assassination. He is poised to write in this next volume that a lone nut killed JFK.

You may email him at Fredrik_logevall [at]

We need to gently, helpfully educate the esteemed professor Fredrik Logevall. Please email him information & books relating to the JFK assassination that relate to Lyndon Johnson, LBJ’s pal Ed Clark, J. Edgar Hoover, Gen. Edward Lansdale, CIA David Atlee Phillips, CIA E. Howard Hunt, H.L. Hunt, D.H. Byrd, Clint Murchison, Sr., Madeleine Brown, Barr McClellan, Billie Sol Estes, Bobby Baker, Henry Wade, Antonio Veciana and anyone else who participated in or was a witness to truth in the JFK assassination. I would send him some web links on Jim DiEugenio on JFK’s foreign policy or anything written by Bill Simpich on the Dallas cover up and the framing of Oswald.

Any good books or web links that you can provide Harvard Professor Logevall will be much appreciated. Give the professor your best stuff.

Folks, one of the nation’s most respected historians, Fredrik Logevall, has just released a first volume on the early years of John Kennedy. That book is JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century: 1917-1956. Professor Logevall is a Pulitzer Prize winner for 2013 his book The Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America’s Vietnam which is about the prelude to the USA getting involved in the Vietnam War.

You can google “Fredrik Logevall Harvard” and find his sparkling professional biography online at Harvard. Having said that, it is my contention that the JFK assassination is the “Greatest Fantasy of the American Educated Elites.”

Logevall is working on a second volume on JFK and it will address the JFK assassination. Logevall in 2013 has expressed his view that a lone nut Oswald killed JFK. (See “JFK called ‘icon of hope’ by faculty panelists,” Sam Wolken, Cornell Chronicle, 11-25-2013.)

Logevall is also planning to absolve the true murderers of JFK (LBJ, elements of CIA/military, Texas elite around LBJ) and pin it on completely innocent CIA patsy and murder victim Lee Harvey Oswald.

I refer you to Logevall’s recent interview with the Harvard Crimson:

“A portrait of JFK, in full: New biography aims to chronicle a complex life amid a pivotal time for a nation,” Brett Milano, Harvard Crimson, Sept. 22, 2020.


GAZETTE: In the second volume you’ll have to unravel the mystery around the assassination. Do you have a sense of how you will approach that?

LOGEVALL: There is certainly a fascination, and it shows few signs of fading. It is a vexing issue to any biographer of JFK, and it has spawned a whole cottage industry of its own. I haven’t yet written Volume 2 so I haven’t fully decided how I will proceed on this. But certainly I will talk about Lee Harvey Oswald’s background, about what led him to take this action, and will give the reader a full sense of how it all culminated in this terrible moment. And I think I will owe the reader my assessment of what I believe happened. So I will provide it. I don’t think I will get heavily into the deliberations of the Warren Commission or the various conspiracy theories that have sprouted up over the years. That’s another book, not to mention a potential morass.

GAZETTE: What do you think happened?

LOGEVALL: My reading of the evidence we have indicates pretty clearly to me that Oswald was the lone gunman. Claims to the contrary all come up short. Oswald’s associations and meetings in the weeks leading up to the assassination are worthy of investigation, however, and have been examined in recent studies. I will delve into that material and be interested to see what I find. 


          Please send Professor Logevall as much quality information (books to read, web links) on the JFK assassination that you can. Hopefully this will be of use to him. You may email him at “Fredrik_Logevall [at]”


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  1. Dude you about 30 years outa the Loop.i thought harvard guys were smart

  2. OK, Oswald did a World Class spring to the Knoll area with a rifle in his arm. Yeah sure.. You desperately need a psychiatrist so see one TOMORROW!

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    Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.
    Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

  4. I reported to Presidents and The FBI in 1991 and again with new evidence in 2018 my observations as a set-up witness to the plot to kill JFK.