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French President Charles De Gaulle believed firmly that the JFK assassination was a high level domestic American plot

 French President Charles De Gaulle believed the JFK assassination was a high level domestic American conspiracy and the International Herald Tribune reported this on Oct. 19, 1967

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From a 10/20/1967 Washington Post article, “De Gaulle Viewed Death of JFK as Conspiracy,” based on the previous day’s International Herald Tribune:


 Paris, Oct. 19, 1967 

          To the large body of frenchmen who believe President Kennedy was the victim of a deep conspiracy, the chief Frenchman himself has now been added – President De Gaulle.

          A new book by historian Raymond Tournoux, France’s leading and respected De Gaulle authority, quotes the General as saying:

          “The police were in on the job. Either they ordered it to be done, or else they allowed it to be done. In any case, they are in on the job.”

          According to Tournoux, this was De Gaulle’s considered conclusion upon his return from Kennedy’s Washington funeral in late 1963.

          The General’s views are reported in Tournoux’s new study, “La Tragedie du General” (The General’s Tragedy). It will be published in a few days, although the magazine Paris-Match has already published extracts.

          (Asked in Washington if the White House was aware of sentiments attributed to De Gaulle, President Johnson’s press secretary George Christian said, “I have never heard of this until this moment.”)

          Tournoux, who gathered his material from exhausting research, among the persons with whom the General talks freely, reports the following:

          In his refusal to believe that the Kennedy assassination could have been the work of a lone fanatic, de Gaulle compared it to assassination attempts against himself here in France.

          His story is my story. What happened to Kennedy almost happened to me. The assassination of the President of the United States in Dallas is the assassination which could have struck down the French Chief of State in 1960, 1961, 1962, here or in Algiers.”

          De Gaulle also saw a parallel between the already mounting conflict between whites and Negroes in America and the struggle between Algerian Moslems and Europeans as a background to the assassination attempt.

          “It’s like a cowboy and Indian story. But it’s really only an OAS story. “The OAS, or Secret Army Organization, was a terrorist group which fought to keep Algeria French.)

          “The police are thick with the (Algerian) ultras. The (American) ultras are the Ku Klux Klan, the John Birch Society and all those secret extreme rightist associations.

          “It’s the story which would have happened to us if we hadn’t given independence to Algeria. It’s the story of races who can’t get along.”

          For the General, Lee Harvey Oswald was only an unfortunate “front man” designated in advance as the scapegoat to set off an anti-Communist “which hunt” to “distract attention.”

          “They got hold of this Communist who wasn’t really one, a nullity, a fanatic …a marvelous accused. The idea was to make people believe that the guy acted out of fanaticism and love for Communism.”

          The General said “they” planned to shoot Oswald on sight to prevent a trial, but things went wrong. Oswald got suspicious and took flight. A policeman got killed. There were witnesses. A trial had to be avoided at all cost. Things might have come out.

          “So the police got hold of an informer, someone they had where they wanted him. That guy killed the false assassin on the pretext of defending Kennedy’s memory.”

          “What a laugh,” concluded the General. “Every police in the world is alike when it comes to dirty work.”



Charles de Gaulle, who was almost assassinate by the OSA, was convinced that the JFK assassination was a high level domestic USA plot


Gene Kelly post (9-28-2022) at Education Forum



It is instructive to recall Charles de Gaulle's reaction. When de Gaulle moved to end the French war in Algeria, he induced a strong reaction from his military and far-right circles, including several assassination attempts and a coup. De Gaulle was convinced that the French military coup attempts against him in spring 1961 were instigated by the CIA. President Kennedy told the French ambassador that he (JFK) was not in full control of his own intelligence agency. And when JFK was assassinated in Dallas, President de Gaulle confided that Kennedy was the victim of the same national security forces that had targeted him. David Talbot addresses this in "The Devil's Chessboard" and quotes the French President:

“What happened to Kennedy is what nearly happened to me ... His story is the same as mine ... It looks like a cowboy story, but it’s only an OAS story. The security forces were in cahoots with the extremists.”

Talbot also highlights the similarities of JFK's murder with the plot to bring down Charles De Gaulle - the people involved (retired French generals, rightwing French, poopoo sympathizers, and White Russians), the role of Allen Dulles, the motive behind it (Algerian independence and fear of Communist stronghold in strategic, oil-rich North Africa) - all bear an eerie similarity to the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JFK.  His summary quote about Dulles is right on the money ... Dulles’s job was to hijack the US government to benefit the wealthy. 


June, 16, 1975 Guardian and Chicago Tribune articles: The CIA says that it was asked by French hard right radicals in 1965 for help in murdering Charles De Gaulle


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The Guardian, June 16, 1975:

This morning’s Chicago Tribune reports that congressional leaders have been told by CIA officials that French dissidents approached the CIA 10 years ago to ask for American help in a conspiracy to kill the French President.


The killer was to be an “old soldier.” He was to wear a poisoned ring on one of his fingers. And he was to shake the General’s hand in what the Tribune said today would have been “a clasp...of lethal friendship.”


According to the newspaper in an exclusive copyrighted story that indicates no sources or dateline, a CIA officer travelled to Capitol Hill within the past fortnight to brief Senators and Congressmen on the kind of stories they can expect to unearth when they read the Rockefeller Commission’s censored (by President Ford) section on political assassinations; and what to expect when the two congressional select committees begin to investigate the subject.

In the secret briefing, the CIA man reportedly told the Congressmen that French dissidents – the Algerian connection was not mentioned, but the plot was allegedly hatched after the failure of the 1961 and 1962 OAS attempts on the General’s life – had made contact with the CIA in 1965 and 1966.

At the time, the Johnson administration was less than happy with de Gaulle, who was by then an ardent opponent of the Vietnam war, and had thrown US servicemen out of French military bases.

The plan, as reportedly put to the CIA, involved infiltrating an agent, wearing the poisoned ring – perhaps with a curare-tipped needle on its outer surface – into a group of old soldiers attending a reception at which the General would appear.

The agent would wait in line to have his hand shaken, deliberately lagging so that the General would be tired and his hand would be numb from shaking the hands of so many more enthusiastic soldiers.

Finally, that “clasp...of lethal friendship,” and the General would fall to the ground while the assassin strolled calmly off into the throng.

The tribune’s sources could not say if the CIA had ever done more than entertain the plan; no evidence exists, the paper says, to show that Mr Johnson knew anything of this; and no one will say if the ring wearing old soldier ever existed.

Only one thing is certain: de Gaulle is dead. He collapsed watching television at his home in Colombey-les-deux-Eglises.

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Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden, on or about June 28, 1961 witnessed an EXPLOSIVE ARGUMENT in the Oval Office between Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys, JFK and RFK

 Below is an email that former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden sent to me yesterday 1/26/2023. I have yellow highlighted the critical portions. On June 3, 1961 U.S. agricultural official Henry Marshall was murdered in Robertson County, Texas: Henry Marshall ( 

    Bolden's email documents a loud, disturbing and eruptive fight, which Abraham Bolden personally observed, in the Oval Office that Lyndon Johnson had with President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy on or about June 28, 1961.     
    2) Lyndon Johnson orchestrated the murder of Henry Marshall on June 3, 1961 because Marshall was investigating the illicit activities of Billie Sol Estes, a man who later said he had given Lyndon Johnson $10 million in cash over the years, which is the equivalent to $90 million in today's cash. I think Billie Sol Estes himself and his brother were personally involved in the Marshall murder which was crooked ruled a suicide at the time.
    and Texas Observer's Bill Adler wrote about this in 1986
    Abraham Bolden bio at Spartacus: Abraham Bolden was the first black Secret Service agent at the White House and although he was a favorite of JFK, he only spent a month there.
 Abraham Bolden has his own take on the JFK assassination, but please remember, he was a direct first hand witness to an eruptive fight Lyndon Johnson was having with the Kennedy brothers on June 28, 1961 in the Oval Office. I have highlighted the key sections in yellow. 
     Robert Kennedy and the U.S. Justice Dept covered up the 1961 Marshall murder because it was LBJ-related and they did not want a SCANDAL which would directly soil the Kennedy Administration at very high levels. Of course, Robert Kennedy was ready to destroy Lyndon Johnson and remove him from the ticket and that all came into high gear in the fall of 1963. LBJ was acutely aware of this ====> Dallas.
    I have attached what Texas Attorney General Will Wilson had to say about the Kennedy Administration's stonewalling in the Marshall murder investigation. This pic 

Henry Marshall death certificate change issued 10-22-1985:

What is significant is that Bolden in the past year or so has been telling people publicly for the first time about an eruptive argument between Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys (on or about approximately June 28, 1961) in the Oval Office while Bolden was on duty. (Privately Bolden has told this anecdote for years; I think he was scared that if he publicly revealed it, it would have hurt his pardon chances. Bolden got his much deserved pardon by Biden.)
This is not too long after the murder of Henry Marshall (June 3, 1961) which Lyndon Johnson had orchestrated because of Marshall's investigation into LBJ cash cow Billie Sol Estes.
I highlighted the relevant areas of Bolden's email.

Abraham Bolden responding to a JFK researcher on August 6, 2021 about what he heard Lyndon Johnson say in June, 1961 during an explosive argument with the Kennedys:

On January 26, 2023 decided to reveal EXACTLY what those words were:

Abraham Bolden email to Robert Morrow on January 26, 2023 – 11AM CST



By: Ex-Special Agent Abraham W. Bolden, Sr.

 We will enter into challenging and dangerous times in the year 2023. We could witness the collapse of America as a cohesive nation. Let us all pray that we, the American people, can endure the tribulations that are about to occur. The ancients were very wise in reading the future. The Honorable Elijah Israel taught," The Mayans and Natufians both prophesied that a great country would begin to fall in 2023". According to Brother Elijah, the numbers 2023, in that consecutive order, is mystic as:

2 = duality

0 = God

2+3= 5 .

5= The manifestation

5 +2=7 -

7 = The day Of Sabbath

The primary precipitating event is the well-planned conspiracy that resulted in the brutal assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The conclusion of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone does not agree with the facts!

During my employment as a Special Agent of the United States Secret Service, I witnessed activities by government agencies that had the motive and design to hoodwink the Americana Peoples . It is our prerogative to determine whether or not these facts would cause a reasonable man to reach an affirmative conclusion:

1. On or about June 28, 1961, a secret service agent guarded the main door leading into the Oval Office. At about 7 pm, Vice President LYNDON B.Johnson entered the office shouting vulgarities toward President John Kennedy and Attorney General ROBERT KENNEDY, who were waiting inside.

LBJ was livid.

"You bastards trying to send me to jail"? He shouted as he closed the door. The voices became muffled, but it was clear that Johnson was furious. The three engaged in a heated discussion, mostly between Bobby Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes. As he left the office, Johnson turned toward the Kennedys, who were standing next to the Oval Office desk, and shouted," Yall better stop fucking with me, you son of a bitches."

As he left the office, Johnson made eye contact with the agent. Johnson's driver was meandering in the hallway leading to the Oval Office.

"Who is that boy standing over there by that goddammed door?" Johnson asked the driver.

The driver explained that he did not know the person but the person would have to be an FBI or Secret Service Agent to stand there.

2. On November 1, 1963, the country's leading generals launched a coup d'ét against the catholic President of Vietnam, NGO Diem. The United States and its industrial complex had already hatched plans to maintain a longstanding and profitable presence in Vietnam. President Kennedy disagreed with the Central Intelligence Agency. Diem and his younger brother, Nhu, initially escaped but were recaptured the following day and assassinated on the orders of Minh. Dương Văn Minh succeeded Diem as President.

President Kennedy was to attend Chicago for the Army-Air Force football game set for noon on November 2, 1963. During an agent security meeting, the Acting Special agent in Charge received a telephone from the FBI office in Chicago. The ASAIC told the gathered agents that the FBI received information from an informant named Lee. Lee had contacted the FBI with news that there would be an attempt to assassinate President Kennedy during the President's visit to Chicago. There was a discussion between the two regarding the jurisdiction and workforce needed to prevent the attempt. During the meeting, the ASAIC gave each agent a photo and the name of the man displayed in the picture. The person in the photo was phenotypically Hispanic and a member of a gun-running team that had arrived in Chicago from Detroit, Michigan in the latter half ofOctober 1963. Orders were to follow the suspect and report his whereabouts but not attempt to arrest or detain him for any reason.

An agent at the meeting reminded the Acting Special Agent In Charge that the mayor's event manager, Colonel Jack Reilly, and Sergeant Bob Linsky of the Chicago Police Department were enroute to the forum. When one of the agents suggested that we discuss the problem further before calling the United States Secret Service Chief with a recommendation, the ASAIC angrily replied that the only requests he had were that the agent sits down, shut the fuck up and operate in the agent's pay grade. After further discussion with the mayor's representatives and the Chief of the Secret Service, the President canceled the trip. The American press reported that the cancellation was due to the illness of the President.

After Kennedy's assassinated, all reports and references to the circumstances of the cancellation were removed from the office files.

3. During the administration, before the election of President Kennedy, a false flag operation was proposed by anti-Castro elements within the U.S. Government.

A catastrophic event orchestrated by internally trained government sponsored forces, was to occur in America and blamed on Fidel Castro. Like Diem, Castro was Catholic and ruled over a predominantly catholic population ". America wanted control of Cuba for the potential of cheap labor and natural resources. In the meantime, the American mafia wanted to turn Cuba into a competitor of Las Vegas and a replica of "sin city."

After Kennedy was assassinated, FBI agents seized all records regarding the alleged rifle purchase from Klein's gun shop in Chicago. Secret Service agents sent to investigate the purchase were told that the FBI had warned him not to discuss the purchase with the Secret Service. According to later information obtained by the SS from the FBI, the rifle was ordered by "A.Hidell." Immediately following the assassination, three shell casings were discovered under a window on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository.

A Dallas police officer told SS investigators that two rifles were found on the sixth floor. A shipping bag long enough to hold a gun was also discovered. Since Oswald had been employed at the depository for several months, the palm print could have no significance.

Below are facts,known by high government officials and security agencies,that support a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy:

a. The Acting U.S. Attorney General sent a memorandum to the White House advising that Lee Harvey Oswald must be named as a lone assassin of President Kennedy;

b. In October 1963, the Florida office of the secret service received information that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated by use of a high-power rifle fired from a warehouse building and that a Patsy was being used to take the blame;

" ' '''

c. In October 1963, a member of the anti-Castro Dre told the Chicago officials of the secret service that Kennedy would have killed and " Jews are financing the operation”The Secret Service case agent complained that an FBI agent destroyed his case by revealing the true identity of the secret service informant.

d. There was no ballistic, forensic, or indisputable evidence heard by the Warren Commission that tended to incriminate Oswald to the exclusion of other suspects detained in Dallas' Texas, on November 22, 1963.

The FBI forensics found Oswald's palm print on a box near the window where rifle shots were allegedly fired near the partially opened window. Attached to the bag was a label addressed to Lee Oswald. These items were photographed and taken into custody by the Dallas police.

5. Was there a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy? For over 50 years, many books have been written that delve into this question.

Some researchers deny a conspiracy. Many researchers and media label those who disagree as conspiracy kooks and theorists. Facts must answer such an important question. A reasonable mind must evaluate, classify, organize and analyze discoverable facts to arrive at Truth. Truth is "that which is," and falsehood is "the illusion that seems to be." Here is the irrefutable evidence that a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy and deprive the citizens of the world and this great country, America:

(a) In mid-October 1963, the Florida office of the United States Secret Service received information that "President Kennedy was about to be assassinated”.The assassin will fire a high-powered rifle from a warehouse building. A Patsy is being set up to take the blame for the murder of the President.

(b) In mid-October "1963, an informant of the Chicago office of the United States Secret Service successfully infiltrated the anti-Castro Cuban DRE organization. One of its leaders told the informant that "President Kennedy will be assassinated" and that the "Jews were financing the operation."

(c) The agent in Charge of the Chicago investigation complained that an FBI agent sabotaged his case by revealing the informant's relationship with the Secret Service.

(d) During the week of November 22, 1963, an agent stationed in Florida passed through Chicago from Austin, Texas. The agent complained about the President's racial integration policies. The agent ended his rant against the President by saying," Somebody should blow his fucking head off"!

7. On 11-24-63, Jack Ruby assassinated Oswald while he was being moved to an unknown location by members of the county sheriff and Dallas Police Department.

On November 26, 1963, two secret service agents in Charge of the Dallas investigation arrived in the Chicago office with the Acting Special agent in Charge. Later, three men entered the U.S.Secret Service office. Two men signed the log book as agents of the FBI. According to a secretary, the third person neither identified himself nor signed the entrance book. After the six men concluded their meeting, Agents assigned to Chicago were called to an emergency meeting and told:

a. To turn in ALL reports and notes regarding President Kennedy's visits to Chicago;

b. Do not discuss the Kennedy assassination with news media;

c. Any agent violating the above orders would "find his ass in a ringer."

8. In January 1964, ALL secret service agents were required to turn in their secret service identification commission books and update agent photographs. Newly engraved identification books were issued in March 1964.

9. Parafin tests performed on the face and hands of Lee Harvey Oswald were "inconclusive" as to the firing of a rifle or handgun on the day of the murder of President Kennedy.

10. An AR-15 automatic rifle, possessed by a secret service agent, was accidentally fired toward the presidential limousine during the assassination.

11. Two highly damaged bullet fragments were found on the floor of the presidential limousine. They were unrelated in caliber and unrelated to either weapon owned by Oswald.

Below are facts that support a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy:

a. A secret service witnessed an argument between LBJ, JFK, AND RFK inside the Oval Office in June 1961. LBJ accused Kennedy of trying to send LBJ to prison about some goddam cotton. Upon leaving the office, LBJ issued a veiled threat to the two Kennedy. The threat was reported to the witness agent's supervisors to no avail.

b. After the assassination, the Acting sent a memorandum to the White House stating that Lee Harvey Oswald had to be named as the lone assassin of President Kennedy

c. In October 1963, the Florida office of the secret service received information that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated by use of a high-power rifle fired from a warehouse building and that a Patsy was being used to take the blame.

d. In October 1963, a member of the antiCastro Dre told the Chicago officials of the secret service that Kennedy would bee killed and that the Jews were financing the operation. The secret service case agent complains that ab FBI agent destroyed his case by revealing the true identity of the secret service informant.

e. There was no ballistic, forensic, or indisputable evidence heard by the Warren Commission that tended to incriminate Oswald to the exclusion of other suspects detained in Dallas' Texas, on November 22, 1963.

f. There is not, nor has there ever been any ballistic, forensic tests or indisputable evidence heard by the Warren Commission that tended to incriminate Oswald to the exclusion of other suspects detained in Dallas' Texas, on November 22, 1963.


President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by a secret reformative cabal that operated within the shows of the United States Government. The conspiracy has ancient origins and was established to prevent the usurpation of authority gained by the Protestant Reformation. Its aim and charter give it international jurisdiction to prevent the rise of Papacy authority within any country that was a party to the Protestant Reformation.

Because of Kennedy's growing national and international political popularity, his displayed willingness to forego or execute plans that tended to advance strategies and goals of the war-driven military-industrial complex, the independent wealth and number of possible inheritors of political power within the United States, Kennedy's election ultimately was feared as the beginning of a Kennedy dynasty supported by Papal rule over the people and political authority in America.

 Abraham W. Bolden, Sr.

7632 South Sangamon Street
Chicago, Illinois 60620

Telephone : 1 (773) 488-4822

Fax:          : 1 (773) 409-0660

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Richard Nixon to CIA chief Richard Helms on 10/10/1971 telling Helms he will LIE to cover up the JFK assassination

 Richard Nixon to Richard Helms – Oct 10, 1971, 11;15 AM – referencing the JFK assassination and saying he would be more than willing to LIE to cover up the ugly truth

 Richard Nixon to CIA chief Richard Helms: “The whole ‘who shot John’ [JFK] thing, […] may become a very, very vigorous issue. If it does, I need to know what’s necessary to protect our inquiries, the intelligence gathering and the ‘Dirty Tricks Department.’ And I will protect it. Hey listen, I’ve done more than my share of lying to protect it. I will go …I believe it was totally right to do it …

 David J. Reilly January 9, 2023 Tweet on this topic:


 2) The tape

 3) Directory of Nixon Tapes

 4) - article by Andrew White of Valiant News on 1-10-2023.

 5) Roger Stone on Richard Nixon’s comments regarding the JFK assassination to CIA chief Richard Helms on October 10, 1971: Nixon Threatened to Reveal the CIA's Involvement in the Kennedy Assassination (

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J. Edgar Hoover on the JFK assassination to Billy Byars, Jr. in summer, 1964: "If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted."


Hoover speaking to Billy Byars, Jr. at the Del Charro Hotel in the summer of 1964 from Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers

Anthony Summers:

"I was there for one or two weeks," Byars recalled in 1988. "They would eat together, my father, Murchison, and Hoover, and the others. Hoover seemed to be in a very strange frame of mind. He was having a better relationship with Johnson, evidently, than he had with President Kennedy - by a long shot. His relationship with Bobby Kennedy had apparently almost driven him over the edge. He used to talk about that constantly, and once I had the chance to ask him directly about the assassination. I asked him, 'Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald did it?" And he stopped and he looked at me for quite a long time. Then he said, 'If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted.' That's all he said, and I could see he wasn't about to say any more. [The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, Anthony Summers]

Sid Richardson (who died in 1959) to J. Edgar Hoover:

"One evening while dining on "cavier of chili" a Dallas millionaire had flown in from Ike's Chili Parlor in Tulsa, Sid Richardson spied Hoover sitting quietly by the buffet. Suddenly Richardson's booming voice rang out across the poolside crowd: "Goddamnit, Hoover, get your ass out of that chair and get me another bowl of chili!" [Brian Burroughs, The Big Rich, p. 227]

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"5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds" is ABSOLUTE PROOF that Lee Harvey Oswald was a PRE-SELECTED PATSY for the JFK assassination

 Based on the work of Bill “Genius” Simpich, a longtime JFK assassination researcher.

 A) Marguerite Oswald in May of 1960 gave to Dallas FBI Agent John Fain a description of her son Lee as being a 20 year old white male with light brown and wavy hair, blue eyes who was 5’10” and 165 pounds.

 B) On 11-22-1963, the Dallas Police Dispatcher gave out a physical description of a man (allegedly, supposedly) seen with a rifle at Elm and Houston streets and it was for a white male “5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds.” The Dallas police dispatcher gave out this all-points bulletin description 5 times between 12:44PM and 1:09PM – a 25 minute period beginning 14 minutes after JFK was shot at 12:30PM CST on Elm Street.

 C) Although Marguerite Oswald’s exact May, 1960 description of Lee Harvey Oswald was given out 5 times within 25 minutes by the Dallas Police dispatcher (from 12:44PM until 1:09PM), Oswald’s name was pointedly NOT given out. The President of the United States had just been shot in the head 14 minutes ago. What were the police trying to do: have the citizens of Dallas randomly collect the 200 people in Dallas who were “five feet 10 inches, 165 pounds?”

 Dallas FBI agent John W. Fain wrote up this physical description of Oswald in an FBI report dated 5/12/60 – This description was given by Marguerite Oswald and is located on page 145 out of 206 pages of Oswald’s 201 file: In this FBI report Marguerite Oswald describes her son Lee as “five feet 10 inches, 165 pounds.”

 The 5/12/1960 FBI report was written up by Dallas FBI agent John W. Fain:

 A 12/05/1961 Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) document repeats the physical description of Oswald being “light brown” hair, blue eyes and 5 feet 10 inches, 165 pounds. Description is on page 76 out of 112 pages in this file:

 A 10/10/1963 CIA document by C. Bustos (6 weeks before the JFK assassination) described Oswald as “FIVE FEET TEN INCHES, ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE POUNDS, LIGHT BROWN WAVY HAIR, BLUE EYES” – Oswald physical description is page 2 of the 4 page document.

 Dallas Police Department transcript of 11-22-1963: This is located in an FBI document known as “JFK Assassination, 62-109060, Section 53.” The Dallas Police Department transcript of 11-22-1963 is located in this file on pages 136 and following.

Dallas Police Dept. transcript of 11-22-1963 from John McAdams web page:

 The “5 foot 10 inches, 165 pounds” physical description of a man (supposedly, allegedly ) seen with a rifle at Elm and Houston was given by the Dallas police dispatcher at the estimated times of 12:44PM, 12:47PM, 12:50PM, 12:56PM, 1:09PM:

 Page 143 just before the 12:45 PM time stamp  = 12:44PM

 Dispatcher: “Attention all squads – Attention all squads. At Elm and Houston reported to be an unknown W/M, approximately 30, slender build, height 5 feet, 10 inches, 165 pounds. – reported to be armed with what is believed to be a 30 caliber rifle. Attention, all squads, the suspect is believed to be W/M/30, 5 feet 10 inches, slender build, 165 pounds, armed with what is thought to be a 30-30 rifle. No further description or information at this time. 12:45.”

 Page 144 just before the 12:48 PM time stamp  = 12:47 PM

 Dispatcher: “Signal 19 involving the President – suspect W/M/30, slender build, 5 feet, 10 inches, 165 pounds, believed to have used a 30 caliber rifle, believed to be in the School Book Depository, Elm and Houston at this time. 12:48.”

 Page 145 at little after the 12:49 PM time stamp = 12:50PM

 Dispatcher: “No clothing description. A white male approximately 30, slender build, 5 feet 10 inches, weight 165.”

 Page 147 just after the 12:55 PM time stamp      = 12:56PM

 Dispatcher: “No. A white male approximately 30, slender build, height 5 feet 10 inches, weight 165 is all the information.”

 Page 152 just after the 1:08 PM time stamp        =  1:09PM

 Dispatcher: “All we have is a white male 30, slender build, 5’10 inches, 165 pounds, armed with a 30 caliber rifle.”

 25 year old Dallas deputy sheriff Gene Boone found Oswald’s rifle, standing up between cardboard boxes at about 1:50PM (or as early as 1:22PM) on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

 Web link:


 "It looked like someone had moved some of the boxes over slightly, to make a sort of hiding spot. It is my belief that (Lee Harvey) Oswald created this pre-made spot so he could just toss the rifle on his way to the stairwell," Boone said.

Once Boone spotted the rifle, Lt. J.C. Day and Capt. Will Fritz of the Dallas Police Department were called, and they photographed the rifle before taking it away.

Boone later learned that Oswald had been captured in Oak Cliff about the same time the rifle was discovered.


 At 1:03PM an informal roll call of the employees of the Texas School Book Depository was taken. Lee Harvey Oswald was noted as not being present


  Page Timeline | The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey PlazaThe Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (

 At 1:12 PM Dallas County deputy sheriff Luke Mooney discovers the sniper’s perch in in the SE corner of the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository

  Page Timeline | The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey PlazaThe Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (

 Deputy Sheriff Gene Boone discovered a rifle on the Sixth Floor of the TSBD – at about 1:22PM according to a timeline compiled by the Sixth Floor Museum:

  Page Timeline | The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey PlazaThe Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (

 The framing of pre-selected patsy Lee Harvey Oswald begins at 12:44 PM on the Dallas Police Dept. transcript of 11-22-63. Not only is Oswald’s EXACT DESCRIPTION IS GIVEN – but is name is NOTICABLY NOT USED!! Marguerite Oswald gave this description of Oswald to the FBI in May, 1960

 See page 49 of 164 page transcript of Dallas police

 Dallas Police Department transcript from 11-22-63, the day of the JFK assassination – from the Weisberg college at Ft. Hood College: See page 19 onward in this PDF file.

 Here is another version of the Dallas Police transcript of 11-22-1963:

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Tucker Carlson has gone WOKE on the JFK Assassination!

 Ladies and Gentleman, Fox News' Tucker Carlson has gone WOKE on the JFK assassination! And I mean that in the original sense of the word. My guess is that he spoke with Donald Trump on this topic.

Web link: 

Dear baby Jesus, this is being put out on Fox News which speaks to half of the country!!

Today, head sniffer Sleepy Joe Biden AGAIN withheld 5,000 critical documents on the JFK assassination. Yes, thousands were released, but the most critical and embarrassing CIA documents were withheld. Much of the withheld documents has to do with the CIA George Joannides files; Joannides was working for the CIA to discredit the Fair Play for Cuba Committee - and Oswald was one of those tools being used in New Orleans. After JFK's murder, the CIA-DRE anti-Castro Cubans played a big role in the early frame job on Oswald for the JFK assassination. Oswald, of course, was a CIA operative, fake defector to Russia and fake Marxist - all of which made him the perfect PATSY for the JFK assassination.

Folks, now we need to work on flipping Rachel Maddow on this topic. The bigs news today is Biden again WITHHELD 5,000 critical documents on the JFK assassination and now Tucker Carlson is crawling up the government's ass on this topic.

Progress towards truth is being made. Here is old Tucker Carlson:

Charles Burris column on old version Tucker Carlson being a Warren Commission stooge:

Again, folks, let's start working on Left Wing opinion shaper Rachel Maddow!! You can contact her over Twitter and by email if someone can find her email.


Robert Morrow          512-306-1510     Austin, TX

Presidential Historian and Distinguished Fellow at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Institute for the Study of Presidential Crime

The World’s Foremost Authority on the JFK Assassination

The Top Historian in the World on Lyndon Johnson (sorry Robert Caro, it is not you …)

The Greatest Presidential Historian in American History

One of the World’s leading public intellectuals due to my sparkling expertise in the JFK assassination

America’s Premier Living Historian

Knows more about the JFK assassination than every Presidential Medal of Freedom winner EXCEPT Lyndon Johnson (1980 posthumous recipient) who orchestrated the murder of JFK.

One of the top Menches in the United States. “Mensch” being a person of integrity, honor and noble character.

The “Muhammed Ali of the JFK Assassination research community” meaning, I am the Greatest analyst in the world of JFK research and I know it.

One of the top two of the Greatest JFK Assassination Researchers of all time, superceded only by Joachim Joesten who nailed the JFK assassination in real time in the 1960’s.

Knows far more about the JFK assassination than Oliver Stone who can’t figure out that LBJ murdered JFK because “Vietnam” is Stone’s hammer and he thinks everything is a nail.

Nation’s #1 Opposition Researcher on the Clintons & the author of The Clintons’ War on Women (published 2015)

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all the professors of history and politics who have ever taught at Princeton University combined.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than every “credentialed” or “degreed” journalist or academic in this World of 7,983,378,450 people (as of 10/24/2022)

Up and Coming Scholar on the USS Liberty Murders which were orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson and the leaders of Israel and were to be blamed on Egypt to give the USA a pretext to enter the Six Day War

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the 27 Smartest People on the Planet combined. (See “Here is a List of the 27 Smartest People On the Planet,” by Osien Kuumar)

Smarter by a country-mile, generously better informed and significantly less egotistical than the New Yorker’s (lone nutter) Lawrence Wright.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all the professors at Princeton, Harvard , Yale, Stanford, the University of Texas at Austin and SMU and anyone who has ever written for the New York Times or Washington Post combined.

Can out-debate 40 Ivy League professors of history and politics on the topic of the JFK assassination at one time.

Knows far more about the JFK assassination than anyone who has ever posted at Education Forum, although that can be a very useful web site.

Obviously, I know more about the JFK assassination than every professor, fellow and expert at the Univ. of Virginia's Miller Center on the Presidency combined.

Generously better informed and significantly more intelligent than EVERY journalist I have ever met, spoken with or interacted with, with the exception of the legendary Wayne Madsen.

Runs the best blog on the internet on the many crimes of Lyndon Johnson and the topic of the JFK assassination at “Robert Morrow Political Research” blog

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of all 2,000 members of NYC’s The Century Club which was founded in 1847

 A lot smarter than anyone who has ever written for Texas Monthly, the Texas Tribune, the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast or the Washington Post; or who has ever reported for WFAA Dallas or KLBJ radio Austin, but not the Midlothian Mirror.

Understands Texas politics better than anyone else has in the past 60 years.

**One of the USA’s leading thought leaders.**

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of anyone who has ever worked as a professor, fellow, staff member, secretary or janitor or who has been on the advisory board at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy.

Obviously, knows more about the JFK assassination than anyone who has EVER worked at or been affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Far more knowledgeable and accurate than the Sixth Floor Museum on the topic of the JFK assassination. Executive director hilarious (lone nutter) Nicola Langford and curator Steve Fagin do not know a tenth of a thimble compared to what I know.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all the 8,000 scholars and scientists combined who have been fellows at the Princeton, NJ Institute for Advanced Study in its 90-year history

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of all recipients of the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science which has been awarded since 1995

Knows far more about the JFK assassination than Ken Jennings (lone nutter), who won 74 consecutive Jeopardy contests and is the highest earning American game show contestant of all time.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined membership of the ultra high IQ Mega society which is only composed of people with an IQ level of one in a million.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all the people who have ever been members and subject matter experts at the Council on Foreign Relations combined except for those members who were involved in the murder of JFK from their roles in U.S. intelligence

Knows more about the JFK assassination that all the people who have received MacArthur Fellow “genius grants” combined since the program began in 1981.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all the people who have ever received a Whiting Writers’ Award or a Guggenheim Fellowship combined.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than any single person alive since 1963 who has a tested IQ score of 175 and above.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than Mel Kiper knows about the NFL draft.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the entire lot of the living 4,500 Rhodes Scholars who are in over 100 countries around the world.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than all 250 members of the Texas Philosophical Society combined.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined membership of the Society of Fellows at the Aspen Institute as well as the entire Board of Trustees of the Aspen Institute.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the collective knowledge of all pathologists, medical examiners and ballistic experts who have ever practiced in the history of the USA.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of the current and past members of the American Historical Association, the Society of American Historians or Organization of American Historians.

Knows more and is a far more “stable genius” than Donald Trump who says that a lone nut killed JFK.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of everyone who has won a Pulitzer Prize.

Knows more about the JFK assassination and Lyndon Johnson than the combined knowledge of everyone who has ever won: a Century Association Archives medal, a National Book Foundation medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, a Los Angeles Book Prize in Biography, a Plutarch Award from the Biographers International Organization, the Mark Lynton History Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, The New York Historical Society’s American History Book Prize, a Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity from the National Institute of Social Sciences, Norman Mailer Prize for Distinguished Biography, a Biographers International Organization Award for major contribution to the advancement of the art and craft of biography, a History Makers Medal (the highest honor of the New York Historical Society, a Bookend Award (the highest honor of the Texas Book Festival), a Gold Medal in Biography (awarded once every six years by the American Academy of Arts and Letters), the Ambassador Book Award for Distinguished Achievement from the English-Speaking Union, the John Steinbeck Award, Carl Sandburg Literary Award (from the Chicago Public Library Foundation), the National Book Award in Nonfiction, a Pulitzer Prize, a New School for Social Research – Doctor of Humane Letters, Lifetime Achievement Award for the Guild Hall Academy of Arts, a National Book Critics Circle Award, a Washington Monthly Political Book Award, an Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, H.L. Mencken Award for Best Book, an American Institute of Architects Special Citation, Francis Parkman Prize (awarded by the  Society of American Historians), a Carnegie Fellowship at the Columbia University School of Journalism, a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, a Deadline Club Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, a Society of Silurians Award for outstanding achievement in the field of public service or been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences or been inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters or been inducted into any state’s or country’s Writer’s hall of fame or who has been made an honorary member of the Texas Rangers or been named a Living Landmark by the New York Landmarks Conservancy.

Knows more about the JFK assassination than the combined knowledge of everyone who has received a Nobel Prize in any field.

If Professor K. Anders Ericsson (deceased) were alive, this internationally renown “experts on experts” would sure proclaim me as the “World’s Greatest Expert on the JFK Assassination.”

Unlike CFR member Max Boot I have never written a biography which proves that Gen. Edward Lansdale murdered JFK (“The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam”) and then hollered at the top of my lungs that a lone nut commie killed JFK.

Knows spectacularly more about the JFK assassination than former Dallas Morning News reporter Bill Minutaglio (later a professor) and whose knowledge and analysis of the JFK assassination is a TAD LACKING, to say the least.

Unlike Texas Tribune editor Evan Smith, I was not personal friends with the wife of the murderer of JFK, Lyndon Johnson, nor did I ever chum up to her and call her “Mrs. J” and nor have I taken money from the daughter of Lyndon Johnson, Luci Baines Johnson. [“Mrs. J,” Evan Smith, Texas Monthly, September 2007 and Texas Tribune All Time List of donors: Luci Baines Johnson & her husband Ian Turpin - $149,097 as of 1/5/2022.]

Unlike longtime columnist Michael Barnes of the Austin-American Statesman I don’t pal around with ultra wealthy Luci Baines Johnson while somehow weirdly forgetting to mention in the Austin paper for literally decades that Lyndon Johnson murdered JFK.

Unlike LBJ biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin, I have never had the man who murdered JFK – Lyndon Johnson – ask me to marry him (“A Tale of Hearts and Minds, Sally Quinn, Washington Post, 8-24-75)

Unlike LBJ biographer Robert Caro, I have was never co-opted by one of the men – LBJ crony Ed Clark – who murdered JFK (see “Blood, Money, and Power” by Barr McClellan, published 2003)

Unlike LBJ biographer Robert Dallek, I do not endorse the ludicrous, machine gun-riddled Warren Report fantasy that Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, the KGB, Gerald Ford, Sen. Richard Russell, Sen. John Sherman Cooper, Cong. Hale Boggs, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, CIA chief William Casey, JFK aides Kenny O’Donnell and Dave Powers, and LBJ’s inner circle mistress Madeleine Brown, LBJ kickbacks king Billie Sol Estes and and JFK’s longtime secretary Evelyn Lincoln never believed.

Unlike LBJ biographer Michael Beschloss, I was never a personal friend of Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of the man Lyndon Johnson, who murdered JFK and I have never implied that Fidel Castro might be behind the JFK assassination.

Unlike LBJ biographer Randall Woods, I have never slandered completely innocent CIA patsy Lee Harvey Oswald for the JFK assassination which was orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson (Randall Woods, LBJ: Architect of American Ambition, p. 417-418)

Unlike LBJ biographer Julian Zelizer, I have never defamed Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of JFK, a crime that Lyndon Johnson committed.

Unlike historian Douglas Brinkley I have never shat in my pants telling a national TV audience “Look, it’s clear Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy” – and imploring   everyone to honor the legacies of Gerald Ford, John McCloy and Arlen Specter in regards to their work covering up the JFK assassination (ABC’s “Face the Nation,” Nov. 17, 2013)

Unlike Senior News Reporter Jason Whitely of WFAA (Dallas) I have never pushed the fantasy that a lone nut named Oswald killed JFK.

Unlike the LBJ Library, I have not erected museum exhibits that endorse the validity and accuracy of the truly bonkers Warren Report that not even Lyndon Johnson believed for one minute.

Has an IQ closer to 140 than 130

Princeton, A.B. – History, 1987

Univ. of Texas at Austin -- MBA, 1990

Tuscaloosa Academy, graduated #3 out of 40 students. Recipient of TA’s highest academic honor, 1983


Star basketball player for Tuscaloosa Academy from 1980-1983, leading my teams to a 114-5 record over 4 years. Scored 2,003 career points.  The last years were an unblemished 90-0 with 3 consecutive private school state championships. I was my teams’ MVP as a freshman, junior and senior. I like losing less than Nick Saban, Vince Lombardi, Mike Krzyzewski, Tom Brady and Lyndon Johnson combined.


On top of ALL that, I found the “golden egg” at the Indian Hills Country Club (Tuscaloosa, AL) Easter Egg hunt TWICE in approximately 1974 and 1975 (back to back years) which meant that I received a very large stuffed bunny each time.