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The Murderous Psychopathy of Lyndon Johnson

 The Murderous Psychopathy of Lyndon Johnson
By Robert Morrow, Email contact:,
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          In June, 2018 a NYT article on Seymour Hersh was published and it described how that in Sy Hersh’s autobiography he has an anecdote of Lyndon Johnson defecating on the ground at the LBJ Ranch to show a reporter, Tom Wicker of the NYT, his displeasure at his reporting. In fact, Lyndon Johnson for decades had a habit of defecating in front of people. Congressman Jake Pickle, a longtime LBJ man, writes in his autobiography, that the first time he was ushered in to meet LBJ in the early 1941, Johnson was on the toilet. Pickle comments: “Years later, I heard of similar incidents, where Johnson conducted business from the bathroom. It was a habit that embarrassed people and threw them off balance. Some, especially in the Kennedy camp, found this habit particularly disgusting, and even frightening. They believe Johnson used it to intimidate and humiliate subordinates.”[i]
          LBJ in the White House used to conduct Cabinet meetings on the toilet. This disgusting fact is reportedly why Treasury Secretary Douglas Dillon chose to leave the Johnson Administration.[ii]
          Reporter Wayne Madsen was friends with UPI reporter Helen Thomas and she told him a similar “LBJ defecation story” which occurred in the mid 1960’s when LBJ was president. Madsen says that Thomas told him this story around 2008:
          “Here is my recollection of what Helen Thomas told me.
Helen Thomas covered the White House for UPI. During LBJ's term, the president asked Helen if she wanted an exclusive interview. He ushered her upstairs into the president's private quarters. He had her take a seat outside the bathroom. With the door wide open, LBJ sat on the toilet to take a crap and he had Thomas asking him questions during what was a long interlude. Helen said an exclusive interview with the president was what every reporter would have died for. In this case, it came with Johnson taking a crap and exposing Helen, to, of course, a view of Jumbo, his name for his penis.
Helen probably told me at the Press Club probably in 2008. There were several events marking the 100th anniversary of the Press Club that she attended. 
I'd guess the interview was in 1966 or 67.”[iii]
          Lyndon Johnson also used to pull his penis on display for a variety of reasons. One time LBJ was asked why we were in the Vietnam War and he pulled his penis out as a response. LBJ would go nude swimming and make penis comparison comments with his aides. Johnson would give press conferences with both male and female reporters present and he would just start urinating at the LBJ ranch. One time LBJ was told by a Secret Service agent that he was urinating on the agent’s leg and LBJ’s response was “Son, I am the president and that is my prerogative.”
          Lyndon Johnson had no boundaries and he was often crude, disgusting, vulgar and sadistic with his aides and the people around him. When reading biographies of LBJ, the reader often wonders what would he not do? The man ran his political office like a business, often taking cash bribes and kickbacks. Lyndon Johnson was not merely taking envelopes full of money, for big political deals he would demand suitcases full of cash. Billie Sol Estes, who was LBJ’s cut out for massive kickbacks, told IRS investigator Walt Perry that he had given Lyndon Johnson 10 million dollars in cash from the 1950s through the early 1960s.[iv] That would be equal to about 85 million dollars in 2018 U.S. dollars. Lyndon Johnson was not just vulgar and disgusting; he was a political criminal of spectacular proportions operating at the highest levels of American government for decades.
          Ray Hill is a longtime, 40-year gay activist in Houston, TX. For decades Ray Hill has been the unofficial leader of the Houston gay community and his contributions were such that a documentary was made about him. In the 1960s Hill used to work at the Alfred Kinsey Institute, founded in 1947, at Indiana University. Ray Hill, as he related to his personal friend Doug Caddy and also to JFK assassination researchers Robert Morrow and Phil Nelson, author of LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination, found and read Lyndon Johnson’s secret sexual history at the Kinsey Institute. What that secret sexual history contained were descriptions of LBJ’s vast sexual promiscuity, bisexuality and an admission that Lyndon Johnson had sex with his grandmother. It should be noted that the secret sexual history of LBJ has never been made public or confirmed by the Kinsey Institute, but if true, it goes a long way to explaining what a completely depraved person Lyndon Johnson was. When he was young Lyndon Johnson’s grandmother predicted he would go to prison because of his juvenile delinquent behavior, which including strapping a stick of dynamite to a stray dog and blowing the poor creature up in the town square.[v]
          LBJ respected no personal boundaries. Former aide Jake Pickle tells about the time one cold morning on the campaign trail when Johnson refused to get out of bed and felt he was coming down with a cold. Pickle recounts LBJ’s remedy:
          Johnson looked up at Warren Woodward. Then Johnson said, “Woody! Get down in this bed with me. What I need is some body warmth!”
          Woody looked at Johnson. He looked at us. The Johnson issued the order again. So, fully dressed, Woody lay down alongside Johnson - and under out watchful eyes.
          As the Senator snuggled up to his bed partner, Woody, with big banjo eyes, looked up at me and said, “Pickle, you SOB, if you ever tell this, I’ll kill you.”
          A prime example of LBJ’s malignant, even deadly, narcissism is the time he forced two pilots from Austin to fly to him at the LBJ Ranch when the weather on February, 17, 1961, was in cold, foggy white out conditions all over the Texas Hill Country. When his pilot Harold Teague resisted making the flight because of extremely dangerous flying conditions “Johnson is said to have exploded, venting his profanity upon the pilot, demanding to know ‘what do you think I am paying your for?’ and again ordering him to ‘get that plane’ to the ranch.” The result was LBJ’s private, Convair 240 plane crashed into a hill seven miles from the LBJ Ranch and the pilots Harold Teague, age 39, and Charles Williams, age 37, died in crash that looked like a war scene.[vi] J. Evetts Haley put the crash scene photo with LBJ surveying his handiwork on the cover of his book A Texan looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power, published in 1964.
          Although JFK’s and Bill Clinton’s spectacular sexual promiscuities are well known to the public, Lyndon’s equal sexual derangement is not as well known. LBJ used to say that he got “more women by accident than Jack had on purpose.”[vii]
          LBJ had numerous mistresses over the decades and he made countless sexual advances upon women. LBJ would even have sex with these women under that same roof with Lady Bird, who he treated like dirt under his muddy boots for decades. LBJ had numerous illegitimate children: he had Steven Mark Brown (1950-1990) with Madeleine Brown and at one point in 1963 he had TWO of his secretaries pregnant at the same time. One was Yolanda Boozer who had a child Lyndon Boozer with LBJ. Lyndon Boozer (born in summer 1963) today is a telecom executive with ATT in the Wash, DC area and he spent five years getting the Department of Education’s building named for his father LBJ.[viii]
          The other secretary who LBJ had pregnant in the summer of 1963 was Mary Margaret Wiley Valenti, who was LBJ’s #1 mistress and who married LBJ aide Jack Valenti in 1962. Valenti let her keep sleeping with LBJ and her first born daughter Courtenay Lynda Valenti is the daughter of LBJ. Courtenay Valenti is an executive with Warner Brothers Pictures and sits on the LBJ Foundation Board of Trustees.[ix] Courtenay was born about 3 weeks before the JFK assassination, while Lyndon Boozer was born in the summer of 1963.
          In her memoir, Texas journalist Sarah McClendon says that a young Bill Moyers, an LBJ “religious aide,” was brought into the LBJ orbit as a cover for LBJ and that Moyers “was a chaperone who would travel with Lyndon and Mary Margaret to show that all was on the up-and-up.”[x]
          In 1989, a 40-year old man Rodney Baines White died of AIDS. He had been told and presented to the world as the son of LBJ’s brother, Sam Houston Johnson.[xi] Raymond Frank, the former Sheriff of Travis County, who was close friends with Sam Houston, says Rodney was in fact the illegitimate son of Lyndon Johnson. LBJ put Rodney in the Navy as the Vietnam War was heating up and “Rodney used to complain that Lyndon wanted him to be the family’s sacrificial lamb in Vietnam.”[xii]
          Madeleine Brown has an important chapter in her book Texas in the Morning: The Love Story of Madeleine Brown and President Lyndon Baines Johnson. She tells about the time she trysted with LBJ when he was vice president at the historic Menger Hotel which is located across from the Alamo in San Antonio. She had brought her black nanny to babysit her young boys and LBJ had seen the nanny, Dale Turner, look at him and Madeleine as they entered their hotel room. Fearing exposure, Johnson made it clear to Madeleine, who strongly resisted, that she had to get rid of Dale even though she was like a member of Madeleine’s family and a second mother to the boys. After that tryst with LBJ, Madeleine says:
          “Dale never returned. Our maid for ten years, as well as being Jimmy’s and Steven’s surrogate mother, had disappeared without a trace. The boys cried for days. I notified the police, telephoned her family and friends - all to no avail. To this day [1997], I have not seen or heard from Dale Turner. Never.”[xiii]
          Lyndon Johnson would have rubbed out that nanny like a fly on a wind sill.
          Sexual depravity, cruelty to animals, political and personal corruption of the first degree - so what else was Lyndon Johnson capable of doing? How about murdering Sam Smithwick in 1952, murdering U.S agricultural official Henry Marshall in 1961, murdering President John Kennedy in 1963 and orchestrating Israel’s murders of the sailors on board the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 during the Six Day War? The odds are high that Lyndon Johnson, acting indirectly through Jack Ruby, murdered CIA patsy Lee Harvey Oswald on Nov. 24, 1963 in the aftermath of the JFK assassination. On top of all that Lyndon Johnson was very likely attempting to murder Jack Ruby while he was in prison by assigning an MK-Ultra doctor Louis Jolyon West to him and giving Ruby cancer injections. It was no accident that while in jail Jack Ruby’s regular doctor was fired and CIA-funded Dr. Jolyon West was assigned to him. Wikipedia describes Dr. West as a psychiatrist who took his patients/subjects/victims “to the limits of human experience.” Dr. West was a CIA contractor for its MK-ULTRA brainwashing studies. Additionally, Dr. West infamously killed an elephant with an overdose of LSD.[xiv] Richard Helms, who LBJ made head of the CIA in June, 1966, helped to run the CIA’s infamous MK-ULTRA program which conducted unconscionable mind control experiments, attempted to destroy all records of mind control projects.[xv]
          Jack Ruby died in prison of a pulmonary embolism on January 3, 1967 but he was convinced that the U.S. government was trying to murder him with cancer injections. The Texas Court of Appeals had just overturned his death sentence and Ruby was due for a new trial and he had made comments that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination.[xvi] Ruby said that if JFK had picked Adlai Stevenson to be Vice President “there would never have been an assassination of our beloved President Kennedy” and Ruby said in a letter smuggled out of prison that LBJ was a “Nazi in the worst order.”
          It is striking the number of high level contemporaries and political players who thought Lyndon Johnson was a murderer. This list of people includes Texas Gov. Allan Shivers, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, CIA chief William Casey, Gen. Joseph Cappucci (a very high level military officer who was chief of Air Force counterintelligence in the late 1960s), the KGB, Mexican intelligence service DFS as well as inner circle LBJ people such as Madeleine Brown (one of his top mistresses) and his top vehicle for kickbacks, mega cash cow Billie Sol Estes.
          Evelyn Lincoln, JFK’s personal secretary for 12 years and thus a deep JFK insider, immediately (within hours) put LBJ at the top of her list of suspects in the JFK assassination. LBJ was listed above KKK, Dixiecrats (right wing segregationist Democrats) and Robert Kennedy’s arch enemy Jimmy Hoffa.[xvii]
          Lyndon Johnson himself spilled the beans on what Texas Gov. Allan Shivers thought about LBJ in a conversation with journalist Texas Ronnie Dugger when LBJ was president. Dugger relays this eye opening anecdote in his The Life and Times of Lyndon Johnson:
          In 1956, when Shivers and Johnson were fighting each other for political control, “Shivers charged me with murder,” Johnson, with great incredulity, told me. Speaking from his four-poster bed late one night in the White House, Johnson said that Shivers had made a speech accusing him of Smithwick’s murder, and in San Antonio “the reporters came running up to me saying Shivers had charged me with murder, and what did I want to say about it?” Obviously Johnson had dismissed the charge, but he did not say so, rather repeating indignantly, “Shivers said I was a murderer!” Shivers, shown this account of what Johnson said, told me, “I don’t care to discuss it.”
          The reason LBJ would have murdered Sam Smithwick, and he very likely did, was that Sam Smithwick, in prison in 1952, was a threat to talk about the notorious LBJ ballot stuffing in Jim Wells County that was LBJ’s decisive crime leading to his victory in the 1948 Democratic Senate primary. This occurred at a time when the Democratic nominee in Texas was a sure thing to beat any Republican in a general election.
          Here is how historian Randall Woods covers the Smithwick story:
          In 1952, Smithwick wrote Coke Stevenson from prison, insisting that five days before the shooting, two Mexican Americans had delivered into his hands the contents of Box 13 from the famous 1948 senatorial campaign. In return for leniency from the state, he was willing to produce them. Stevenson set out immediately for Huntsville and the state prison. “I had left the ranch and got as far as Junction,” Calculatin’ Coke recounted, “when I got the information that he was dead.”
          Indeed, the former deputy sheriff was found hanging from the bars of his cell. Shivers’s friends began spreading the word that Johnson together with South Texas political boss Archie Parr had had Smithwick murdered to cover up their theft of the 1948 senatorial election.[xix]
          When one examines the totality of LBJ’s criminal career: the Henry Marshall murder, JFK’s murder, the USS Liberty murders, the billion dollar gold bullion heist of 1969 as detailed in the Gold House trilogy of books by John Clarence, one can easily conclude that yes, of course, Lyndon Johnson orchestrated the prison murder of Sam Smithwick in 1952 and LBJ’s henchmen tried to stage it as a suicide.
          Another person who gives us great insight into Lyndon Johnson is one of his key mistresses, Madeleine Duncan Brown who wrote her memoir of her relationship with LBJ and titled it Texas in the Morning: The Love Story of Madeleine Brown and President Lyndon Baines Johnson, published in 1997. JFK assassination researcher Harrison Livingstone helped Madeleine publish her book and seasoned and respected  and seasoned JFK assassination researcher Ed Tatro helped Madeleine write her book. Madeleine was one of the key and longtime mistresses of LBJ from 1948 until 1969. She and LBJ had a son Steven Mark Brown who was born in 1950 and died of cancer in 1990.
          Although Madeleine may not have been LBJ’s most important mistress (that honor goes to Mary Margaret Wiley who later married Jack Valenti) Madeleine Brown may be one of the most important witnesses of the JFK assassination to ever come forward. That is because Madeleine revealed that in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, Lyndon Johnson was blaming the JFK murder on the rich, billionaire businessmen of Dallas, TX (his closet supporters) and U.S. intelligence (which LBJ was very close to and was one of the powerful few men in Congress who had oversight of them).
          Lyndon Johnson would often meet his mistresses in the high end hotels in Texas such as the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Menger Hotel in San Antonio and the Shamrock Hotel in Houston. In Austin, LBJ kept room #434 on permanent retainer at the iconic and historic Driskill Hotel.[xx] That room is located on the top floor, south side of the Driskill and it is now known as the Governor’s Suite. The Driskill describes it today as “Boasting hardwood floors, soaring ceilings, personal granite wet bar and oversized, outdoor patio overlooking Austin’s world famous Sixth Street entertainment district.”[xxi]
          The Governor’s Suite, room #434 at the Driskill, is important because that is where the most important revelation in the JFK assassination occurred. It is where on the night of Dec. 31, 1963, Lyndon Johnson told Madeleine Brown that the rich oilmen/businessmen of Dallas (his supporters) and in his graphic words “fucking renegade intelligence bastards” were behind the JFK assassination. LBJ was too much of a perfect psychopath to ever admit that he orchestrated the whole thing.
          On that night Madeleine was meeting LBJ for a New Year’s Eve tryst when she quizzed him on the recent JFK assassination which had rocked the world 6 weeks before. Madeleine describes the scene:
    "Lyndon, you know that a lot of people believe you had something to do with President Kennedy's assassination."    
    He shot up out of bed and began pacing and waving his arms screaming like a madman. I was scared!
    "That's bullshit, Madeleine Brown!" he yelled. "Don't tell me you believe that crap!"
    "Of course not." I answered meekly, trying to cool his temper.
    "It was Texas oil and those fucking renegade intelligence bastards in Washington."[xxii]
          That is what the savviest JFK assassination researchers have concluded. By the late 1960s and 1970s many students of the JFK assassination had concluded that the CIA, or elements of U.S. intelligence and the military were behind JFK’s murder. In the 1980s the hammer dropped hard on LBJ when LBJ insiders Madeleine Brown, Billie Sol Estes and Barr McClellan went public with their stories of Lyndon Johnson perfidy and as Robert Caro was writing biographies of LBJ that painted him as a “goddamn animal” (the words of Richard Nixon upon reading Caro’s first volume on LBJ, The Path To Power, 1982). Also in 1982 LBJ aide George Reedy wrote his book on LBJ and revealed Johnson in the fall of 1963 was acutely aware that the Kennedys were trying to destroy him utterly, not merely remove him from the 1964 Democratic ticket. In the foreward to his book, Reedy literally described his book as an “exercise in exorcism” to get rid himself of the burden of Lyndon Johnson.
          Madeleine Brown’s critical account is buttressed by contemporary press reports and LBJ’s president daily diary which confirm that he ended up the Driskill later in the night on New Year’s Eve Dec. 31, 1963. Earlier in the evening, LBJ had integrated the Forty Acres Club with his black secretary Gerry Whittington (who months later rebuffed his crude sexual advances and asked to be transferred out of the White House), then he went to Univ. of Texas president Frank Irwin’s residence and then ended up at the White House press party which was occurring downstairs in the Driskill at the then current location of  the Headliner’s Club. Johnson then headed upstairs to his retained room #434 to see his beloved mistress Madeleine where he spilled the beans on who was really behind the JFK assassination.
          Madeleine also says that early in the morning of the JFK assassination, Lyndon Johnson called her from the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth (where JFK and LBJ were staying) and told her “That son-of-a-bitch crazy [Texas Sen. Ralph] Yarborough and that goddamn fucking Irish mafia bastard Kennedy, will never embarrass me again!” Then he yelled into the phone, “I’ve got about a minute to get to the parking lot to hear that bastard!”[xxiii]
          Within hours John Kennedy was assassinated in a Dallas motorcade. Students of LBJ know that the word “goddamn” was a favorite of his.
          Along with Madeleine Brown, another key voice of revelation Lyndon Johnson’s role in the JFK assassination has been Barr McClellan who worked at the powerful LBJ-affiliated law firm Clark, Thomas and Winters. That law firm had the lawyers that did all of the critical, dirty work for Lyndon Johnson. In 2011 the Austin American-Statesman headline read “Clark, Thomas & Winters, Austin’s oldest law firm, closes: Firm shuts down before one of it’s ex-partners goes on trial in Pedernales co-op theft and money laundering scandal.”[xxiv] During the time of LBJ, the King of Clark, Thomas & Winters for decades was an extremely powerful man named Ed Clark. Ed Aubrey Clark was LBJ’s blood brother and Reader’s Digest had an article in the 1950s in which they referred to Ed Clark as the secret political strongman of Texas. If you have any questions about the power of Ed Clark, just read Robert Draper’s 2003 article on him in Texas Monthly which is entitled “Death of a Fixer.” When he was in college, Robert Draper met Ed Clark and described him as “a large biscuit-faced man who wore a tentlike suit and a grin that one might term bumpkinish.”[xxv]
          Draper’s grandfather was Leon Jaworski, a prominent Houston lawyer whose claim to fame as being a Watergate special prosecutor. Leon Jaworski, who was present when his collegiate grandson Robert met Clark, later told him that Ed Clark was a “very, very powerful man.”[xxvi] Texas power broker Ed Clark was extremely powerful with both the federal and Texas governmental bureaucracies; he was what is known today as whale political bundler and he had sharp influence on who the Democratic party nominee was for both statewide offices and locally in Travis County where he lived.
          Ed Clark also used to brag privately to Barr McClellan about his role in orchestrating the JFK assassination. Clark was being given free oil leases by companies who were rewarding him for his role in the JFK assassination. As Barr McCellan relates, Clark would slap paperwork for these free deals on his desk and say “Barr, take care of this. This is for Dallas,” meaning this is for my arranging the JFK assassination. Ed Clark was one of LBJ’s closest blood brothers, like FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover was and the Texas oil men such as ultra far right billionaire H.L. Hunt.
          When LBJ was the Senate Majority Leader (Jan. 1955 - Jan. 1961) he would come home to Austin and the first people LBJ would confer with would be Austin Mayor Tom Miller and Ed Clark. The chauffer for this group was a budding lawyer Frank Denius and he would take Miller and Ed Clark over to the Austin Mueller Airport to pick up LBJ when he flew in. Then the party would head over to Randy’s Circle R Barbecue where LBJ would regale them on what he, his mentor House Speaker Sam Rayburn and President Dwight Eisenhower were up to in Washington, D.C. Frank Denius, who later became perhaps THE leading citizen in Austin, TX wrote about that in his autobiography On The Way.[xxvii]
          Don Thomas was another partner in that LBJ law firm and he used to (privately) brag to Barr McClellan that he helped to take care of the critical ballot stuffing down in Jim Wells County for LBJ in his 1948 Senate primary vs. Coke Stevenson. That was the race that “Landslide Lyndon” won by 87 votes to become the Texas Democratic Senate nominee. Don Thomas would tell Barr that he (Thomas) took care of the LBJ ballot stuffing in South Texas but as for Dallas (JFK’s murder), Ed Clark had arranged that. Don Thomas, who handled much of LBJ’s financial affairs, was extremely close to Lyndon Johnson. Another longterm and key investment advisor to LBJ was the very sharp Waddy Bullion. His son John Bullion describes the LBJ-Don Thomas relationship in his book In The Boat with LBJ:
          Don Thomas was the rare soul who complemented first-rate professional abilities with a pleasant, quiet, self-effacing personality. If he had a passion, it was his determination to remain behind the scenes and out of the public’s eye. Others could take the bows; Thomas’s satisfaction came from knowing those who he respected admired his brilliance. To Dad, he was the ideal teammate. For Lyndon Johnson, he became that rarest of birds, a personal friend. “No one,” Dad told me recently, “was closer personally to LBJ, except of course Lady Bird.” Then he looked directly at me, and repeated with an intense emphasis: “No one.”[xxviii]
          Ed Clark also took credit for the ballot stuffing for LBJ down in South Texas. Frank Denius relates what Ed Clark told him about the crimes of 1948, “He told me about flying down to South Texas in an unmarked Brown and Root plane, landing on the airstrip of a ranch in a remote location, meeting with political bosses - with plenty of cash in his pockets - flying back to Austin that night.”[xxix]
          The revelations of Barr McClellan, an insider at Clark, Thomas & Winters are very important. Two of the people closest on Earth to Lyndon Johnson, his political fixer Ed Clark and his tax attorney and go-to man Don Thomas, both privately bragged to McClellan in the years following the JFK assassination that Ed Clark, and by extension his longtime political blood brother Lyndon Johnson, orchestrated the JFK assassination. Lyndon Johnson later appointed Ed Clark (who lived from 1906-1992) as ambassador to Australia from 1965 to 1968 during the peak of the Vietnam War.
          John Coates, yet another associate attorney at Clark, Thomas and Winters, also told Barr McClellan “If the truth be told, Clark arranged the assassination of Kennedy.”[xxx]
          By the 1980s, when Madeleine Brown and Barr McClellan came public with their revelations and when Robert Caro published his first book on LBJ, The Path to Power (1982), the reputation of Lyndon Johnson was being annihilated. No longer was the fiasco of the Vietnam War the only albatross being hung around LBJ’s neck. His perfect psychopathy and his murder of John Kennedy and other victims were being exposed.
          A third person with very damaging information about LBJ also came forward in the 1980’s: Billie Sol Estes. Estes admitted what close LBJ observers had long suspected: that Lyndon Johnson was behind the June, 3, 1961, murder of U.S. agricultural official Henry Marshall. Estes revealed to Texas Ranger and later U.S. Marshall Clint Peoples that he, Lyndon Johnson, LBJ political director and factotum Cliff Carter, and LBJ’s alleged personal hit man Malcolm Wallace were behind the murder of Henry Marshall. The reason Agricultural Dept. bureaucrat Marshall had to be killed was that he was taking a deep dive into the corrupt LBJ connections of Billie Sol Estes who was gargantuan #1 cash cow of kickbacks of government contracts for Lyndon Johnson.
          Estes told Walt Perry, an IRS investigator of the early 1960s, that he had given Lyndon Johnson $10 million in kickbacks/bribes for government contracts. $10 million in 1960 dollars is equal to about $85 million in 2018 U.S. dollars. The stakes for  exposure of the corrupt LBJ-Estes connection were extremely high for Lyndon Johnson. The Attorney General for the Kennedy Administration, Robert Kennedy went to Estes and told him he could get him out of jail if he would testify against LBJ. Estes reply was “If I testified against him [LBJ], I’d be dead within twenty-four hours.”[xxxi]
          In the 1980s and onward Billie Sol Estes said that LBJ used his personal hitman Malcolm Wallace to murder Henry Marshall. Whether Wallace was involved as the triggerman or not, it is extremely likely that Lyndon Johnson was behind the murder of Henry Marshall, whose obvious murder (5 shots with a bolt action gun) was bizarrely ruled a “suicide” by local authorities. The Marshall family in the early 1960s demanded a grand jury/inquest to look into that suicide ruling. One did and it was presided over by LBJ protege Barefoot Sanders, then the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and it came back with no change in the ruling of the death of Henry Marshall as a suicide. At the time of the Henry Marshall murder, which he helped to cover up for LBJ, Barefoot Sanders was 36 years old. Later Sanders worked in the LBJ White House. In 1972 Sanders became the Texas Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, although he lost to Republican John Tower in the general election. Sanders later became notable for serving as a federal judge from 1979 until his death in 2008, approximately 29 years of service. Barefoot Sanders (1947) had been a former student body president of the University of Texas, just as Malcolm Wallace, LBJ’s alleged, personal hitman (according to Estes) had been student president in 1944 when he led a march of 8,000 students in support of the socialist president of the Univ. of Texas Homer Rainey. John Connally, another LBJ protégé, and future Texas governor, was also the president of the Univ. of Texas at Austin student body in 1938.
          One of the key things that Billie Sol Estes told both his lawyer Doug Caddy and U.S. Marshall Clint Peoples was that Lyndon Johnson would use military planes to transport his hitmen around the country to assassinate anyone who might be a dire threat to him. The reason Johnson did this was 1) LBJ had a lot of stroke with the military and 2) most importantly, there would be no commercial air flight records of the travels of his hit men.
          Joan Mellen has written a book Faustian Bargains: Lyndon Johnson and Mac Wallace in the Robber Baron Culture of Texas, that although it confirms the corruption and psychopathy of Lyndon Johnson, calls into question whether LBJ protégé Malcolm Wallace was involved in the murder of Henry Marshall in June, 1961. She interviewed Wallace family members who, decades later, gave Wallace an alibi, absolving him of the Henry Marshall murder. A few things are for sure, Mac Wallace indeed murdered golf pro Doug Kinser on October 22, 1951 and he had an LBJ-affiliated lawyer named John Cofer run his defense.  Mac Wallace in Feb. of 1952 was convicted of the murder of John Kinser and given by the judge an eye popping suspended sentence of 5 years probation and no time in jail! That shows you the deep, dark power Lyndon Johnson wielded in Texas in his heyday of the 1950s and 1960s. His associates could murder and literally get away with it.
          After the Henry Marshall murder of 1961, there was a composite sketch made of a man who was asking directions to Henry Marshall’s ranch on June 3, 1961, the day he was murdered. This composite was printed in an article “The Killing of Henry Marshall” by Bill Adler for the Texas Observer, Nov. 7, 1986 issue.[xxxii] That composite looks a lot like Billie Sol Estes himself and might implicate him personally in the murder of Henry Marshall. No matter who murdered Marshall, the homicide was covered up and it was ruled a suicide by local authorities. When an outrage Marshall family demanded an inquest, a judicial inquiry to determine cause of death, the person who was assigned to run the inquest was none other than LBJ protege Barefoot Sanders. The early 1960’s inquest came up with the ridiculous ruling of “suicide” as a cause of death and it was covered up by LBJ’s people. FBI agent Tommy G. McWilliams made the fantastic claim that Marshall had died of a suicide, despite the fact that he was shot 5 times with a bolt action 22. The FBI of the 1950’s and 1960s carried a lot of water for Lyndon Johnson due to the close relationship of LBJ and FBI Director Hoover, who were not only political allies but neighbors from 1943-1961. LBJ’s top liaison at the FBI was Deke DeLoach, the #3 man at the FBI who was almost like family to Lyndon Johnson.
          John Simkin, a researcher into the JFK assassination, wrote a very fine essay on the Henry Marshall murder entitled “Did LBJ order the killing of Henry Marshall?” Simkins concluded: “I believe that Henry Marshall's death is linked to the assassination of JFK.”[xxxiii]
          The Kennedys in 1962 were paying very close attention to the Billie Sol Estes scandals and probing for ways they could use it against Lyndon Johnson. Likewise in the fall of 1963 the Kennedys were going to use the Bobby Baker scandal as ammunition to get rid of Lyndon Johnson, according to JFK’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln. Three days before his death in Dallas, JFK had told Lincoln that he was going to replace Johnson as VP on the 1964 Democratic ticket, “He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating he replied, at this time I am thinking about Governor Terry Sanford of North Carolina. But it will not be Lyndon.”[xxxiv]
          Longtime LBJ aide George Reedy published Lyndon B. Johnson: A Memoir in 1982 about his experiences with LBJ and he revealed LBJ was utterly obsessed with the notion (now known as a fact) that the Kennedys were out to destroy LBJ. Reedy:
          “In the back of his mind, it is possible that he believed these visits were inspired by Bobby Kennedy as part of a "plot" to delete the name LBJ from the ticket in 1964. This had become an obsession with him- a conviction that peopled the world with agents of the president's brother all seeking to do him in. Someone- I never found out who- very actively fed this belief and kept him in a perpetual state of anxiety. This reached major proportions with the outbreak of the Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker scandals.”[xxxv]
          In fact the Kennedys had a two track plan to destroy LBJ. Robert Kennedy, at the behest of JFK, was the point man leading the charge and he was fueling both a Senate Rules Committee investigation of LBJ’s corruption and also RFK was fanning the flames of imminent media attacks on LBJ which were to focus on his corruption and ill-gotten wealth. Seymour Hersh in his 1997 The Dark Side of Camelot interviewed the former Senate Rules Committee counsel Burkett van Kirk who confirmed to him that Robert Kennedy had sent a Justice Dept. lawyer up to Capitol Hill with to give the Republicans as much dirt on LBJ as they could. Van Kirk said the Kennedys were getting rid of LBJ and he was as sure of that as he was of the sun setting in the west.
          In 2009 James Wagenvoord, who in 1963 was a young business manager and assistant to the Life Magazine Executive editor, came forward and confirmed the JFK’s point man Robert Kennedy was feeding Life Magazine dirt on LBJ to be used in an imminent cover story on LBJ’s corruption.[xxxvi] This expose of LBJ was due out the immediate week after the JFK assassination and it was canceled once LBJ became president.
          Phil Brennan was the columnist Cato for the National Review in the fall of 1963. Brennan recollects: “A few days later, the attorney general, Bobby Kennedy, called five of Washington's top reporters into his office and told them it was now open season on Lyndon Johnson. It's OK, he told them, to go after the story they were ignoring out of deference to the administration.”[xxxvii]
          In the fall of 1963 the Kennedys were working to destroy Lyndon Johnson and LBJ was completely aware of this dark fact. Lyndon Johnson, in an act of self-defense, orchestrated the JFK assassination with the wealthy elite of Texas, elements of CIA and military intelligence to murder John Kennedy. Their motives were different. LBJ’s was personal survival. The Texas elite, especially the Dallas elite and Ed Clark were about to lose their 30 year investment in LBJ power broker. CIA operatives and military intelligence were enraged over foreign policy, especially Cuba policy and the assassination of Diem in Vietnam in an American facilitated coup. CIA and military war hawks knew LBJ would be much more amenable to their interests.
          The identification of Air Force General, elite CIA operative and Allen Dulles protégé Edward Lansdale at Dealey Plaza by his peers Col. Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Victor Krulak means that Allen Dulles, Lansdale’s mentor, was very likely a co-conspirator with LBJ in the murder of JFK.[xxxviii] Max Boot has written a fine biography (The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam) of Gen. Lansdale and if you read the second half of this book you will find many examples of Lansdale having motive to kill JFK. Three weeks before the 11-22-63 JFK assassination Lansdale was ignominiously cashiered by the Kennedy Administration as his friend Ngo Dihn Diem of South Vietnam was being deposed and killed in a USA-facilitated coup. LBJ immediately resurrected Lansdale’s career and sent him to Vietnam in summer 1965 in a move that was covered positively by American newspapers nationwide. Gen. Lansdale’s #1 sponsor in Congress was Sen. Thomas Dodds (D-CN), a foreign policy hawk, who had been a front row Kennedy-hater and close political ally of Lyndon Johnson.
          Allen Dulles, the mentor of Gen. Lansdale, was the first person who LBJ suggested (to Hoover) for the Warren Commission and Dulles immediately went to work covering up the JFK assassination from that influential vantage point. Author Walt Brown has proven in his book The Warren Omission the outsized role in which Allen Dulles played on the Warren Commission and Brown concluded, “Yet from careful reading of the five pertinent volumes of the Hearings, as well as from Figure 2, it becomes clear that of Commission members, Allen Dulles was the Grand Inquisitor. Figure One in part explains that. Most simply put, Allen Dulles was there the most.”[xxxix]
          Late in life Dulles, who had been sacked by JFK as head of the CIA after the Bays of Pigs fiasco, made a spectacularly bitter comment to journalist Willie Morris about the slain JFK, “That little Kennedy, he thought he was a God.”[xl]
          Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, former CIA chief William Casey, Kennedy-hater Roy Cohn, Henry Cabot Lodge, the KGB and Mexican intelligence all believed that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination. Political operative Roger Stone was very close to Nixon in his post presidential years. When Stone would ask Nixon about the JFK assassination, Nixon would reply, “Both Johnson and I wanted to be president, but the only difference was I wouldn’t kill for it.”[xli] Stone says that when he would then press Nixon on who killed JFK, Nixon would just shiver and exclaim “Texas!” Nixon and LBJ shared a major political donor: Clint Murchison, Sr., the leading politico businessman of Dallas, TX.
          Nixon had close ties to the CIA and he helped to plan the Bay of Pigs invasion before JFK entered office. H.R. Haldeman, the White House chief of staff for Nixon, said that Nixon’s code word for the JFK assassination was “the whole Bay of Pigs thing.” In the famous (June 23, 1972) “smoking gun tape” that helped to drive Nixon from office, Nixon refers to CIA operative E. Howard Hunt by saying “Of course, this is a, this is a Hunt, you will-that will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab there’s a hell of a lot of things and that we just feel that it would be very detrimental to have this thing go any further. This involves these Cubans, Hunt, and a lot of hanky-panky that we have nothing to do with ourselves.”[xlii]
          Later in the tape Nixon tries to get the CIA to stop the FBI from investigating the Watergate break-in by saying “the President believes that is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs [JFK Assassination] thing up again.”[xliii]
          Nixon is talking about CIA officer E. Howard Hunt and the CIA connected anti-Castro Cubans and their participation in the JFK assassination (“the whole Bay of Pigs thing” in Nixon’s code). Nixon is trying to get the CIA to tell the FBI that by investigating Watergate some ugly things about the JFK assassination could be made publicly known.
          Sen. Howard Baker once asked Nixon what he knew about the JFK assassination. Nixon replied, “You don’t want to know.”[xliv]
          E. Howard Hunt in the years before his death, confessed that Lyndon Johnson and a cadre of CIA operatives were behind the JFK assassination. You can read about it in a 2007 Rolling Stone article entitled “The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt.”[xlv] E. Howard Hunt, ultimately admitted to being a “backbencher” in the JFK assassination but his son Saint John Hunt believes his father, who had a fantastic hatred of the Kennedys, was up to his eyeballs in the murder of JFK. Saint John says that one of the things his father used to say around the house was “Let’s finish the job - let’s hit Ted [Kennedy].”[xlvi] E. Howard Hunt was very close to CIA director Allen Dulles and Wikipedia says that “After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Hunt was reassigned as Executive Assistant” to CIA chief Allen Dulles and “he helped Dulles to write [his book] The Craft of Intelligence.”[xlvii]
          For the most part Lyndon Johnson’s cover story behind the scenes to many government officials and opinion makers was that Fidel Castro had killed JFK. For example in March, 1971, LBJ told influential publisher George Weidenfeld, “You see, the Kennedy brothers liked playing cops and robbers, and when Bobby was Attorney-General he was responsible for the CIA and they sent people into Cuba to git Castro, but they failed and Castro git Jack Kennedy.”[xlviii] LBJ was more honest with people he trusted implicitly. LBJ told one of his top tier mistresses Madeleine Brown that his super rich supporters in Dallas and “renegade intelligence bastards” killed JFK. In 1967 LBJ’s trusted chief of staff Marvin Watson told Deke DeLoach, LBJ’s liaison with the FBI, that Johnson “was now convinced there was a plot in connection with the assassination. Watson stated the President felt that CIA had had something to do with this plot."[xlix] Watson had been a longtime LBJ operative who started working for Johnson in his 1948 Senate race.
          In the early 1970s when LBJ had one of his heart medical scares, he was flown from the LBJ Ranch to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. According to author Robert Burnside: “The couple I had dinner with was Robert B. and Elizabeth Slobins, and their close friend, the former wife of the M.P. official who was in the room when Johnson gave repentance to the preacher. Supposedly, Lyndon’s words were, “It wasn’t my fault. Lady Bird and Hoover came up with the original plan [for the JFK assassination]!”[l]  For people who know of LBJ’s mental instabilities, heart problems and inability to take responsibility for anything he did that sounds precisely like something a troubled Lyndon Johnson would say: blaming his wife for his murder of President Kennedy.
            Within minutes of his hated rival (and boss) John Kennedy being declared dead, Lyndon Johnson was one of the first (and only) people in the country to be pinning the JFK assassination on a “communist” and not on a right wing Dallas nut which the vast majority of people assumed had just killed JFK. Dallas in 1963 was known as a hard right town dominated by ultra rich, reactionary oil men and business men. It had a strong presence of John Birchers and a newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, that towed a frothing Kennedy-hating conservative line. LBJ and his wife Lady Bird had nearly been assaulted in the 1960 presidential campaign in Dallas by a “mink coat mob,” an experience that Lady Bird called her most terrifying experience ever. Just weeks before JFK was scheduled to come to Dallas, UN ambassador Adlai Stevenson was spat on and hit with a placard by a scrum of right wing activists. After these ugly incidents many had warned JFK to steer clear of Dallas. On the day of the JFK assassination, Dallas police chief Jesse Curry went on TV early in the morning and made an appeal for law and order and good manners when JFK came for his lunchtime motorcade.
          In the fall of 1961, the publisher of the Dallas Morning News Ted Dealey attended a White House luncheon and did the verbal equivalent of throwing a glass of water in President Kennedy’s face when he said, “You and your administration are weak sisters. We need a man on horseback to lead this nation, and many people in Texas and the southwest think you are riding Caroline’s bicycle.”[li] The Dallas Morning News later said that 84% of the phone calls and letters it received were in support of Dealey’s comments.
          There has even book a book Dallas 1963, written by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis that chronicles “a city crammed with larger-than-life characters dead-set against the Kennedy presidency. These included rabid warriors like defrocked military general Edwin A. Walker; the world's richest oil baron, H. L. Hunt; the leader of the largest Baptist congregation in the world, W.A. Criswell; and the media mogul Ted Dealey.”[lii] These were “the obsessed [Right Wing] men in Dallas who concocted the climate of hatred that led many to blame the city for the president's death.”  (I should add that H.L. Hunt was such a close personal friend of Lyndon Johnson that he and arch Mississippi segregationist Sen. Jim Eastland went hunting with LBJ a mere two months before LBJ’s death in January, 1973.)[liii]
          By November, 1963 Dallas had so carved itself a national reputation for its Kennedy-hating hard right politics that it earned nicknamed the “City of Hate.” Even 50 years later articles were being written on “Dallas still struggles to shake its reputation as the ‘City of Hate.’”[liv]
          Which begs the question, why did Lyndon Johnson between 1:20 and 1:26 PM, within one hour of JFK being shot, and a mere 20 minutes after JFK was declared dead by the Parkland doctors at 1PM, tell assistant White House press secretary Mac Kilduff “We don’t know what kind of a communist conspiracy this might be” thirty to forty minutes before the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, a man with a nominal public persona as a pro-Castro Marxist? Lyndon Johnson, almost alone among Americans, was pushing the “Communists Did It” line. LBJ never let up on that to the end of his life as he often privately told people Castro killed JFK. Oswald in fact was a CIA patsy who had been working with far right former FBI agent Guy Banister in New Orleans and he was set up by the CIA for the JFK assassination. It appears that Lyndon Johnson, with strong CIA ties, knew precisely that Oswald the CIA patsy was in place.
          LBJ’s longtime blood brother J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI, was tasked covering up the JFK assassination. Within hours the FBI was pushing the parting line that a “lone nut” had killed JFK and that all the shots to JFK had come from behind. In reality JFK was shot in both his throat and his head from the front. Hoover’s real views on the JFK assassination can be understood from what he told the son of his close friend Texas oil man Billy Byars. Billy Byars, Jr. asked Hoover in the summer of 1964 what he thought of the JFK assassination.  Hoover’s reply was “If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to the country. Our whole political system could be disrupted.”[lv]
           LBJ appointed Michigan GOP congressman Gerald Ford to the Warren Commission. Ford secretly agreed to inform the FBI on what the Warren Commission was doing and later in 1970 Newsweek identified Ford as “the CIA’s man in Congress.” Ford publicly supported the Warren Commission and he even wrote a book Portrait of the Assassin indicting Oswald for JFK’s murder. Privately, however, President Gerald Ford told French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing a different story, “We arrived at an initial conclusion: it was not the work of one person, it was something set up. We were sure it was set up. But we were not able to discover by whom.”[lvi]
          Senator Richard Russell, LBJ’s mentor in the Senate, was another member of the Warren Commission that was convinced a conspiracy killed JFK, although I doubt he thought LBJ did it. From the news reports of Jan. 19, 1970: “Senator Richard B. Russell, Democrat of Georgia, said today he never believed Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy without at least some encouragement from others . . . The 72-year-old Senator made the statements to newsmen in response to questions prompted by an article in the Washington Post based on a series of taped interviews he recorded . . . Senator Russell said the Warren Commission was not able to investigate specifically the source of such possible encouragement, and he added he could not pinpoint it.”[lvii]
          Hale Boggs was another member of the Warren Commission who utterly did not believe what he had signed. His wife Lindy was very close friends with Lady Bird Johnson. Boggs came to the conclusion that “[FBI chief] Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission - on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets the guns, you name it.”[lviii] In fact, author Joan Mellen has proven it was Hale Boggs (not Sen. Russell Long as Garrison had publicly stated) who prodded Jim Garrison to open his investigation into the JFK assassination.[lix]
          Tip O’Neill, the former Speaker of the House from Massachusetts wrote in his autobiography Man of the House that he once had dinner with two of JFK’s closest aides, Kenny O’Donnell and Dave Powers. Both men were in the Secret Service car behind JFK’s limousine in Dallas and both men were utterly convinced that at least two shots came at JFK from behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll.[lx] O’Donnell revealed the FBI made him change his testimony to say that the shots came from the right rear, a massive fabrication.
          Exactly one month after the JFK assassination, on Dec. 22, 1963, former president Harry Truman wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post and it was titled “Limit CIA Role To Intelligence.”[lxi] Allen Dulles was very concerned about that Truman column because it is possible for the reader to interpret Truman’s broadside to the CIA as saying the CIA has just murdered John Kennedy and we have a big problem with the way this agency is involved in operations as opposed to its original analytical role.
          Robert Kennedy, who had been trying to covertly destroy Lyndon Johnson, immediately suspected, as did Evelyn Lincoln, that LBJ and Hoover were up to no good in the JFK assassination. One of the first people that RFK quizzed was CIA director John McCone and asked him point blank if CIA operatives had just killed President Kennedy. RFK was immediately thinking LBJ-Hoover-CIA as perps in the JFK assassination. There was a lot of hatred in the CIA towards the Kennedys over the 1961 fiasco at the Bay of Pigs.
          Also on the Nov. 22, 1963, Robert Kennedy called an anti-Castro Cuban exile (many had CIA connections) named Enrique “Harry” Williams and flat out told this survivor of the Bay of Pigs “One of your guys did it.”[lxii] Remember, Richard Nixon’s code name for the JFK assassination was “the whole Bay of Pigs thing.”
          RFK aide Frank Mankiewicz said that Robert Kennedy in private was quite dismissive of Warren Report and in the estimation of Mankiewicz Kennedy was waiting to grab the reins of federal power before he moved to re-open the investigation into the death of JFK.[lxiii]     
          CIA director McCone believed there was a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.[lxiv] Publicly, RFK supported the Warren Report. Privately RFK was convinced that JFK had been murdered in a domestic conspiracy and he vowed to solve it if he ever became president. After JFK was killed, RFK told his aide Edwin Guthman, “I thought they would get one of us. I thought it would be me.”[lxv]
          Which brings us back to Lyndon Johnson. LBJ biographer Robert Caro tells would LBJ would often do when the name Robert Kennedy came up among his friends:
He would reply with a gesture. Raising his big right hand, he would draw the side of it across the neck in a slowing, slitting movement. Sometimes that gesture would be his only reply; sometimes, as during a meeting with Ed Clark in Austin, he would say, as his hand moved across his neck, "I'll cut his throat if it's the last thing I do."
          Roger Stone in his early political years of the late 1960s was very close to John Lodge, the brother of Republican Henry Cabot Lodge who JFK had beaten in a Massachusetts Senate race and later made him the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam. John Lodge told Stone that Henry Cabot Lodge told him that CIA, “some Mafiosi,” and LBJ were behind the JFK assassination.[lxvi] Likewise in 1980 when Stone was campaigning in New York for Ronald Reagan, both longtime Kennedy-hater Roy Cohn and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, then the underboss and front boss of the Genovese crime family told Roger Stone that LBJ was behind the murder of JFK.[lxvii] As a side note, LBJ insider and Texas businessman Clint Murchison, Sr. was a business partner with the Genovese family in the 1950s.
          When Roger Stone was on his book tour for The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ he ran into a nephew of former CIA director William Casey who told Stone he had asked the old man who really killed JFK. Casey’s reply to his nephew: “Lyndon Johnson had his fingers in the soup bowl.”[lxviii]
          Another very high level politico of the 1960’s, Sen. Barry Goldwater, also came to believe LBJ killed JFK. JFK researcher Jeffrey Hoff of Arizona met Barry Goldwater in October, 1973, at a GOP picnic in Willcox in Cochise County, AZ. The topic of the JFK assassination came up and Sen. Goldwater, who had been LBJ’s opponent in the 1964 presidential race, told Jeffrey Hoff that he believed LBJ killed JFK and that the Warren Commission was a sham and a complete cover up. Hoff says that Goldwater was quite confident when making those pronouncements.[lxix] Goldwater, according to LBJ chief of staff Marvin Watson, “was a longtime personal friend of Lyndon Johnson.”[lxx]
          Howard Willens who worked in the Kennedy Justice Dept. and on the Warren Commission was asked in 2013 if he knew that in real time in 1963 that Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys were at loggerheads, that they were having great difficulties. Willens replied, “Everyone in Washington, D.C. knew that.” The political elites in Wash, D.C. knew that there was a sub rosa war going on between the Kennedys and LBJ. The Dallas Morning News on the very day of JFK’s assassination even had a headline “NIXON PREDICTS JFK MAY DROP JOHNSON.”[lxxi]
          Drew Pearson, the nation’s top political writer whose column was syndicated in over 600 papers with a readership of 60 million people, was about to drop a bunker buster bomb on LBJ with a “devastating” article on LBJ’s corruption that was due to run in the papers nationwide on Sunday, Nov. 24, 1963.[lxxii] LBJ’s death led to the spiking of that ruinous expose.
          An eye-opening book to read on LBJ is Capitol Hill in Black and White, published in 1986 by Robert Parker. Parker was a chauffeur for LBJ who often called him “nigger,” “boy,” and “chief” and never by his name Robert. Parker later became the longtime maître d’ of the prestigious Senate Dining Room. Parker knew LBJ extremely well.
          Parker tells what the reaction on Capitol Hill was to the murder of JFK: “It didn’t take long for the enemies of Lyndon Johnson to crawl out of the Capitol woodwork. “Old LBJ must have had something to do with it,” I heard them say the very next day. The suspicion echoed in every corridor from Senate staff attorneys, legislative aides, waitresses, and tourists. Their grief for John F. Kennedy made their cynicism and dislike of Lyndon Johnson even more intense.”[lxxiii]
          Parker is describing a real time response of a tidal wave of suspicion of Lyndon Johnson’s involvement in JFK’s murder by the most plugged in political insiders and residents of Washington, D.C.. Parker continues and describes the reaction of veteran civil rights activist Whitney Young: “Like most people in the Kennedy camp, Young was upset. It was bad enough to lose a dynamic leader like John Kennedy, but to get Lyndon Johnson in exchange was to rub salt in the wounds of grief. Young was telling [NAACP operative Clarence] Mitchell that everywhere he went he heard someone say LBJ was behind the assassination of Kennedy.”[lxxiv]
          Everywhere Whitney Young went, people were saying LBJ had just killed JFK. It was Whitney Young’s business to know a lot of influential people on Capitol Hill.
          Lyndon Johnson in a Jan. 11, 1967 phone call to his trusted aide Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas commented on the recent spate of books and articles casting aspersions on the Warren Report, “They've [Robert Kennedy and his supporters] started all this stuff...they've created all this doubt...And if we'd had anybody less than the attorney general--ah, the chief justice--I would've already been indicted."[lxxv]

          Another Wash, D.C. high flier who was convinced that LBJ had killed JFK was Gen. Joseph J. Cappucci, the head of Air Force counterintelligence in the late 1960’s and a close personal friend of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Gen. Cappucci in 1969 was having dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Rome, Italy, with his close friends Col. William Henry Amos (also Gen. Cappucci’s right hand man) and his wife Jan Amos, when the topic of Chappaquiddick came up. The table was making negative comments about the Kennedys when Gen. Cappucci opined, “No wonder Lyndon Johnson had JFK killed.” That was quite a stunner to Jan Amos who was told by her husband in the car ride home, “Jan, you are never to repeat a word that Gen. Cappucci spoke” in reference to his comments about the JFK assassination. Earlier in 1964, Col. Amos was the one who had direct military orders to find and destroy every copy of J. Evetts Haley’s smashing expose on LBJ entitled A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power on military bases across the USA.
          Jan Amos said that her husband Col. William Amos said that LBJ “was the rudest and most uncouth bastard he had ever been around or worked for.” Former Secret Service officer John Norris who spend 18 years protecting many U.S. presidents said “LBJ was just about the meanest, orneriest SOB I ever met.” Norris continues, “He didn’t seem at all grief-stricken about what had just happened [the JFK assassination], and knowing how ambitious he was and how much he and the Kennedys disliked each other, it was easy for a person to wonder if he might have had something to do with the assassination.”[lxxvi]
          Gen. Curtis LeMay was a Kennedy-hater who was one of the first generals that (fellow Kennedy-hater) LBJ tried to get in touch with in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination. In his oral history with the LBJ Library, Gen. LeMay “let it all hang out” as he called the Kennedy people “cockroaches” who were “vindictive,” “ruthless,” and had (low) “moral standards.” LeMay in his 1971 oral history said:
For several months before the President was assassinated they were rumors, and then they got to be a little more than rumors, Vice President Johnson was going to be dropped for the coming election. And all the Kennedy team was finally got to openly to giving to the Vice President to the back of their hands, and it was rather embarrassing for the country around Washington because it was so apparent. Then bang, all at once he is President.”[lxxvii]
          Let’s crystalize LeMay’s comments. The Kennedys were giving LBJ the back of the hand and then BANG! [Dallas] LBJ becomes president.
          KGB Col. Oleg Nechiporenko was stationed in Mexico and he later wrote a book Passport to Assassination, The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him and in it he revealed that in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination “many in the DFS [the Mexican intelligence agency Direccion Federal de Seguridad] felt the Lyndon Johnson was responsible.”[lxxviii]
          One of the jewels produced by the Assassination Records Review Board was a memo from J. Edgar Hoover dated 12/1/66 (and sent to LBJ on that day) which stated that as of September, 1965, the Soviets were telling their KGB agents in America that they had concluded that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination. This is important because Lyndon Johnson and CIA officials spent decades trying to blame the JFK assassination either on Fidel Castro of Cuba or the USSR. This critical Hoover memo was kept secret by the U.S. government until the ARRB forced it to cough it up in the late 1990s, about 30 years after it was written by Hoover. Here is the key passage:
On September 16, 1965, this same source reported that the KGB Residency in New York City received instructions approximately September 16, 1965, from KGB headquarters in Moscow to develop all possible information concerning President Lyndon B. Johnson's character, background, personal friends, family, and from which quarters he derives his support in his position as President of the United States. Our source added that in the instructions from Moscow, it was indicated that "now" the KGB was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy. KGB headquarters indicated that in view of this information, it was necessary for the Soviet Government to know the existing personal relationship between President Johnson and the Kennedy family, particularly between President Johnson and Robert and "Ted" Kennedy.
          In spring of 1977 when John Kennedy, Jr.’s friend Meg Azzoni visited John at his mother Jackie’s well-appointed apartment in NYC when the HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) was in session. Meg reports: “Jackie told John and I at the 'break-the-fast' breakfast, 'I did not like or trust Lyndon Johnson.' No one said another word the whole meal in memorial contemplative silence."[lxxx]

          Besides the JFK assassination and besides leading the USA into the Vietnam War under the false pretenses of the notorious Gulf of Tonkin incident, Lyndon Johnson’s greatest crime may have been his orchestration of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, in the Six Day War. The reason LBJ was trying to murder all 294 Americans on board and leave no witnesses was that LBJ wanted the USS Liberty sunk and then the USA and Israel could blame the attack on Egypt. The USA would then have a pretext to enter the Six Day War and bomb and remove Nasser of Egypt who had drifted into the Soviet camp over the past decade. In the course of this heinous crime, by threatening to remove USSR’s client state of Egypt, Lyndon Johnson almost caused WWIII. In order to understand the USS Liberty one must first understand that Lyndon Johnson was a murderous, amoral psychopath, a pluperfect Machiavellian, yet a lunatic.
          There are scores of high level U.S. officials - NSA, CIA, White House, JCS, who knew that Israel had intentionally attacked the USS Liberty. James Bamford does a good job of summarizing these heavy hitters who know the truth in his email to Steve Afterood on July 25, 2001 (see footnote).[lxxxi] A few names would be Richard Helms of CIA, Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the JCS, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Under Secretary of State George Ball. Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who spent 25 years at the highest levels of U.S. intelligence, is on the public record making forceful comments that Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty.[lxxxii]
          However, many of these high level U.S. officials, including Adm. Inman, have not accepted the exceedingly ugly truth of the USS Liberty incident: that Lyndon Johnson orchestrated Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty and that he wanted every one of those American sailors dead because he wanted to blame the incident on Egypt.
          For more information on what really happened with the USS Liberty, I suggest reading Peter Hounam’s book Operation Cyanide (published in 2003) or Judy Morris’ online essay “The Most Incredible Story Never Told: The USS Liberty, Israel and LBJ’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty.” Respected academic Joan Mellen is publishing in late 2018 an important book on this topic, Blood in the Water: How the US and Israel Conspired to Ambush the USS Liberty. The cover story put out decades ago by the US government and Israel that the USS Liberty attack was an accident and a case of Israel mistaking the USS Liberty for an Egyptian horse ship is an absurdity.
          Israel’s unmarked Mirage jets made a point of bombing the Liberty’s antennae and bridge first. They later torpedoed it, napalmed it and even machine-gunned the life rafts (a war crime) because they were trying to murder every American (witness) on board. Miraculously, the USS Liberty did not sink and managed to get off an SOS flash bulletin within 15 minutes so the world knew the USS Liberty was under attack. Israel was even trying to jam the Liberty’s communications which is a clear sign of what they really were up to.
          When in response the Sixth Fleet sent rescue jets to the Liberty, both Sec. of Defense and President Johnson got on the line and ordered the jets recalled twice, with LBJ infamously shouting “We will an embarrass an ally [Israel].” So how did LBJ know so soon in real time that the unmarked jets bombing the USS Liberty were from Israel? LBJ knew because he orchestrated this heinous act of treason.
          Author Peter Hounam interviewed a retired Air Force pilot Jim Nanjo who told him that the alarm klaxons went off at his military base very early on the morning of June 8, 1967, California time. He and his unit were ordered onto the tarmac with their nuclear payload bombers before Israel had begun attacking the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean. Capt. Nanjo was aware that US Air Force bases had simultaneously been put on high alert in Guam, Britain, Morocco and Spain. Only the USA president Lyndon Johnson had the power to personally order the US strategic (meaning nuclear) command to go on high alert. The fact that LBJ did this is before the USS Liberty was attacked is a proof that he had foreknowledge of this attack. If LBJ had foreknowledge of the attack on the USS Liberty, then he ordered the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty because there is absolutely no conceivable way Israel would intentionally attack a ship of its greatest ally in 1967. Israel was far too fragile then and Lyndon Johnson’s robust Zionist-supporting were widely known both in the USA and in Israel. LBJ had been Israel’s strongest congressional ally in the 1950s and after JFK’s death “the relationship between the U.S. and Israel soared to new heights.”[lxxxiii]
          Lyndon Johnson had a large cadre of Zionist Jewish fundraisers, political advisors and lawyers around him. Some of top fundraisers were heavyweights Ed Weisl and Arthur Krim, whose wife Mathilde was a close personal friend of LBJ. Supreme Court Justices Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg were in the LBJ orbit. In fact, Goldberg was the US ambassador to the United Nations at the time of LBJ’s/Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty. Goldberg had also been the president of the American Jewish Committee, one of the premier pro-Zionist organizations in the USA. Back in Austin, Texas, Jewish businessman and ardent Zionist Jim Novy was “one of Lyndon B. Johnson’s greatest benefactors” according to Wikipedia.[lxxxiv] Wikipedia goes on to say: “An ardent Zionist, Novy held several executive positions in the Zionist Organization of Texas. He had intended to visit the British Mandate of Palestine in 1938 but events in Europe interrupted his trip. In 1943, while he and LBJ were raising $65,000 in war bonds from local Jewish businessmen, it is rumored that funds were also raised to aid underground Jewish fighters in Palestine with covert shipments of arms in crates labeled "Texas Grapefruit.”[lxxxv]
          Another Zionist Jew friend of LBJ was prominent British publisher George Weidenfeld. Weidenfeld recounts in his memoirs that not only did LBJ tell him in 1971 that Castro killed JFK, but that Weidenfeld debriefed Johnson on the USS Liberty tragedy:
          I quizzed Johnson about the Six Day War which I felt he had not dealt with in sufficient depth in his book. ‘Well,’ he answered, ‘I wish I could have written more. They made me take out quite a lot of things. The last day of the Six Day War was the worst day of my life.’ He then gave me a blow-by blow account.”[lxxxvi]
          In sum, Lyndon Johnson for decades had been “all in” with the cause of Zionism and LBJ had scores of influential and prominent Jewish Zionists who he kept as friends. Even today articles are written in Haaretz proclaiming “Lyndon Johnson: Israel Had Had No Better Friend.”[lxxxvii]
          The Associated Press in 2014 reported that under the Johnson Administration (1963-1969) LBJ had a “personal and often emotional connection to Israel” and “the United States [under Johnson] became Israel’s chief diplomatic ally and primary arms supplier.”[lxxxviii]
          In 2010 Jason Maoz wrote a fine article for the Jewish Press entitled “The Best Thing JFK Ever Did for Israel.”[lxxxix] Maoz’ conclusion was that the best thing JFK ever did for Israel was picking Lyndon Johnson to be his Vice President! (LBJ and Sam Rayburn blackmailed and intimidated JFK into selecting LBJ as his Vice President at the 1960 Democratic convention in Los Angeles.) Maoz sums it up quite well:
Johnson had been one of Israel’s staunchest supporters on Capitol Hill throughout the 1950s, and once the trauma of Kennedy’s assassination began to wear off and LBJ settled in as president, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel soared to new heights.
First off the table was the nuclear issue. In The Bomb in the Basement, his history of Israel’s procurement of nuclear weapons, Israeli author Michael Karpin wrote that “as soon as [Johnson] entered the White House the pressure on Israel on the Dimona issue ceased.”[xc]
          The bottom line is this: the vast amount of evidence, as believed by the top governmental officials of the 1960s is that Israel intentionally tried to sink the USS Liberty and murder all 294 Americans on board. Because Lyndon Johnson was closely knit and in allegiance with powerful Zionists and many Jewish friends both in America and Israel, there was absolutely no way - zero percent chance - that Israel would attack an American ship unless they had been expressly ordered to do that by the very pro-Zionist American president Lyndon Johnson.
          LBJ’s mother Rebekah Johnson was a Christion Zionist and she would tell him when he was Senate Majority Leader in the 1950s to take care of the Jews, they are God’s chosen people.[xci]
          The USS Liberty murders (34 dead, 174 wounded): they may have been Lyndon Johnson’s greatest crimes ever.
Robert Morrow, the co-author of the Clintons’ War on Women, is a political researcher and libertarian activist in Austin, TX. He has expertise in the JFK assassination, the crimes of the Clintons and Bushes, and the criminal pedophilia of Donald Trump.

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